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 Fashion Designers

Twitter: @XseniaOlya 

What’s your secret dream job?

Designers, we’re living it! We’d love to collaborate with Diane Von Furstenberg.


How did you get started in fashion?

Both of us started making our own pieces or re-designing our mothers clothes because we always wanted to stand out. We both had our own lines before we went to Central St. Martins in London, that’s where we met and our journey began!

Describe the Xsenia & Olya women? How do you see your collection evolving in the future?

We’re inspired by the women who are well traveled and have a refined eye , for those who seek comfort in clothes because they are more mobile and active but still want to look beautiful. We will evolve as we ourselves travel and discover new things. It’s hard to say right now where our journey is going to take us.

What inspired you to join the Ladies Who Lunch event?

This is a fabulous collaboration for us as we are inspired by strong,empowering women. We design for them and we’re passionate about what we do.

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Which famous person (alive or dead) do you turn to for inspiration?

Madelaine Vionnet, or the “Queen of the Bias-cut” as she’s known in the fashion industry. Our aesthetic is steeped in bejeweled symmetry and vigorous patterns, heavily influenced by her original cut.

If you could fly anywhere, where would you go this weekend and who would you bring with you?

Barcelona , it’s warm and we love the food and Gaudi’s balconies. We would go together with Anastasia, our marketing rep.


At what restaurant did you last eat your favorite meal?

Well we’re not local Vancouverites but we LOVED the brussels sprout we had at Black & Blue. We’ve been looking for them ever since London.

Where is your favorite place to unwind and have an early evening cocktail?

Whenever we’re in Vancouver we always go to the Fairmont. They always have wonderful live bands there.

What’s your favorite thing to do that you can only do in Vancouver?

Taking the Granville Island ferry!

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What’s the one item in your closet you could never live without?

A small over the shoulder handbag – it’s a  small and cute fashion accessory and it’s like a Mary Poppins bag with all of our essentials!

What do you ALWAYS have to bring with you when you travel?


Images courtesy of Xsenia-Oyla.com


Catch a runway show by Xsenia & Olya at this weekend’s Ladies Who Lunch in Vancouver on June 8