What’s eating in fashion? 10 stylish eats that are trending in the fashion

By Amy Yew

If we are what we eat, fashion people have got it nailed down when it comes to the latest fad. Food is a huge part of fashion and every cycle of fashion week bring about new food trends. The staples like champagne will always make an appearance while new introductions like cronuts are the guest stars. During fashion week (or month), you can bet that everyone in the fashion industry has indulged in something off this list and we’re ready to share the goods. We even gave you the calorie count (you’re welcome) for whatever it’s worth.


(Donut + croissant)=Cronut: There’s no doubt that the Opening Ceremony fashion show during New York Fashion Week put these donuts on the map when they gave gift boxes filled with cronuts to guests. Fashion heavy hitter like Lucky Magazine’s Eva Chen celebrated her birthday with 3 cronuts (check out her instagram @evachen212 for proof) and even Rihanna has jumped on the cronuts bandwagon. Calories: 500-700.


Macarons: It’s elegant and known predominantly as a French pastry. This delicious meringue like treat has been a staple with fashion goers best paired with tea. Wear your best Valentino because this tasty treat demands it. New York’s very own La Maison Du Macaron is a must try if you’re in the mood for something sweet. Calories: 124 with the butter filling; 87 for a regular macaron.

Photo3-Caprese salad

Caprese salad: This healthy salad is all about balance much like fashion. A blend of mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar will get you there. Enjoyed by most fashion writers such as those @thecoveteur, it’s held the fashion world victim to it’s delicious yet light taste. It probably has a lot to do with its ability to keep hunger down without packing on the calories. We all know that bloating during fashion week is not an option. Calories: 250 for an average serving

Photo4-Vegetable smoothies

Vegetable and fruit smoothies: Fashion people are always on the go and looking for ways to pack in the nutrients without fuss. This year, Marie Claire and Juice Generation were hitting the streets for fashion week in New York to promote a healthy kind of liquid lunch. Even Marc Jacobs was raving about Muscle Milk and pretty soon the fanfare followed. Calories: 90 for the Hale to Kale juice (12oz)


Cupcakes: Forgive us for we have sinned. Cupcakes remain one of the most sought after indulgence in the fashion industry. It’s my believe that Carrie from Sex and the City popularized this trend after sitting out Magnolia Bakery in New York in school girl knee high socks with Miranda. Calories: 150 per cupcake 


Champagne: Bring on the champagne! People in the fashion industry find any way to celebrate when they can. Champagne is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, this bubbly has been a staple at fashion soirees. Calories: 100 per 4 oz glass


Lattes (of any sort): Hold the whip cream and yes to soymilk. Lord knows we sure need the caffeine to work the events and meet deadlines. Calories: 115

Photo8-Cake pops

Cake pops: Think cake on a stick. These sweet treats were everywhere at fashion week including @karen_millen’s show. It’s practical to say the least and really aids in any embarrassing open mouth shots while indulging the treat. Calories: 170 per cake pop

Photo9-Lobster roll

Lobster rolls (minis of course): If it’s good enough for Bergdorf Goodman, it’s sure good enough to make our list. This savory roll melts in your mouth and was launched as part of a fashion week menu at STK rooftop restaurant on Washington Street in New York. Calories: 158

Photo10-Green bean tempura

Tempura green beans: Boasted as an on the go snack for fashion week goers, this is an innovative and tasty way to get your greens in. We simply can’t get enough of it. Highly recommended spot: The Red Cat in New York. Calories: Your guess is as good as ours.

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