Vancouver Fashion’s Night at Ayden Gallery:

The Styling Competition Part 1

 By Joshua Langston

 Last month I covered the People, Places and Things of the Fashion’s Night Out Vancouver press conference and the Jason Matlo’s AW13 Collection. Since then the team at FNOV (led by Florence Leung, Christa Meister, and VCAD) have been busy raising awareness for the main event.  Last week I made my way down to Ayden Gallery in Vancouver for the official VFNO Styling Competition being held in preparation for the big night scheduled for September 6th.

I arrived a bit early and I got to catch a glimpse of (our favourite!) the ‘behind-the-scenes’ action. Upon entering the venue, I ran into Jessica Clark of Rotating Compass styling one of her models. Jessica, a student at Canada’s prestigious Blanche Macdonald Academy, was one of the five finalists for the competition.  In fact, three out of the five contestants were Blanche Macdonald alumni, proving a true testament to their comprehensive program.

Competition Finalists

Ashley Dehaies
Tony Vu

Jessica was in the middle of her photo shoot, which was a pivotal deciding factor for the winner of this competition. She had a very clear interpretation of the brief. Her first look was a gorgeous red gown with a fringed scarf, channeling Brigitte Bardot and the essence of the 1970’s. Her second look pulled inspiration from the 1940’s and film starlets like Jean Harlow and Louise Brooks.

There was time between the photo shoot and the actual competition itself, so I grabbed my camera out of my Proenza and checked the rest of the gallery out. While walking through crowds of photographers and videographers, I noticed a lot of shoes.  An array of TOMS shoes were laid all along the walls and across pedestals.  A couple weeks ago, Ayden Gallery held a fundraiser in partnership with A Loving Spoonful (a charity supported by The Social Life). They challenged local artists to re-interpret the famous TOMS Shoe. I was absolutely floored by some of the designs I saw.  These were definitely not the canvas slip-ons I was used to wearing!  I have always been a huge fan of TOMS, not only for their undeniable comfort, but also for the core values of the company. They started the “one for one” campaign, which for every pair of shoes sold a pair is donated to a country in need.

Now back to backstage, because that’s where the real magic happens!  Even though it was a bit crowded with the models laughing and dancing to the music, I snapped a few photos of my favourite details.

The room began to fill with the sound of heels against the marble as the fashionistas clicked their way to their seats. I made my way to front row, but stopped by the Patisserie Fur Elise table to get my macaroon fix (definitely broke my Vancouver Pride diet).  I was sitting across from one of my favorite Vancouver bloggers/designers, Clarissa Gallaccio of Clarisky Business who naturally, came in a jumpsuit. Joining me in the front row was Megan West, blogger Soroush Matoor and Alexandra Suhner Isenberg from Searching For Style. I settled into my seat (juggling the iPhone, camera, clutch & macaroons) and the night begun…

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Photo Credits: KUNA Photography, Joshua Langston

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