Vancouver contributor Joshua Langston takes The Social Life to the Vancouver Fashion’s Night Out styling competition, held last week at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, Canada



By Joshua Langston

Can you believe it??  There are only three weeks to go until the first ever Fashion’s Night Out Vancouver presented by Vancouver Fashion Showcase!  The Ayden Gallery was hosting a design competition in support of the night and I headed down to check it out.  The competition gave eight designers (from both VCAD and Blanche Macdonald) the oppourtunity to create a four-look capsule collection. The winner is given the opportunity to show along side celebrated designers during the public Fashion’s Night Out Vancouver show on Sept 6th- quite the game changer!

My seat was nestled between Clarissa Gallaccio and Jennifer Gray, needless to say, it was a well dressed front row.  The panel of accomplished judges included designers Jason Matlo, Rozemerie Cuevas and fashion stylist Luisa Rino.  The night was hosted by the articulate and charming freelance stylist Crystal Carson.  After a short introduction video of the contestants, the show began with a gorgeous crew of Liz Bell models styled by the team of La Biosethetique. One by one the designers showed their creations on the runway.

The standout pieces for me were the runway skimming navy high waisted palazzos and a fabulous double breasted coat-dress in mauve with taupe undertones.  The coat had inverted pleats that concealed panels of accordion pleats.  The movement was captivating!  I fell in love with an over-sized men’s duffel coat with toggle closures complete with fabulous surface details.

The judges gave some advice to the group and it came in the form of unfiltered truth. Jason said “you need to consider the woman’s body, there were great elements but it comes down to the woman’s body. If it doesn’t fit, you won’t sell clothes and this will become a hobby.”  Luisa shared some wisdom from a different point of view, “I always tell young stylists to take something away. You can’t put too many ideas into one look, it won’t work.”.

While the panel of  judges deliberated I grabbed photos with some of my favorite Vancouverites like Wen-chee Liu and Clarissa Gallaccio in front of the media wall.  The judges cut the group of  eight down to their top two designers, Evan Ducharme and Abby Shumka.  So…now what?

Joshua Langston and Wen-Chee Liu

Crystal handed each designer a shoe box, and no, it wasn’t a fabulous swag gift.  Upon further inspection they found a large piece of red fabric, scissors, and safety pins. SUDDEN DEATH!  Their challenge was to create a look on a model with the materials provided…in FIVE MINUTES.  It takes me more than five minutes to pick out an outfit from my closet, can you imagine creating a brand new garment? I CAN’T.

After the 5-minute-fashion-frenzy, the two designers brought out their looks.  They could not be more different from each other.  The models stood infront of the judges and the only thing that broke the deafening silence was the palpitations of the contestants hearts.  In the end, the winner was none other than Evan Ducharme!  He will debut his collection during the public show for Fashion’s Night Out Vancouver.  As an added bonus, he also received a 2 night stay in a condo in Whistler courtesy of Admira Properties.

Winner Evan Durcharme

With each passing event leading up to Fashion’s Night Out, I can’t help but get more and more excited!  Only three weeks left until the big day, have you started planning your outfit? I HAVE. Until next time. -xx Joshua

Big thank you to the organizers and sponsors for their hospitality, and of coarse Kuna Lu for his fabulous photos in this article.

Photo credit: Kuna Photography