by Anna T Fabulous

Guess what San Francisco??  The wait is finally over!  Uniqlo opens it’s first ever West Coast location in our very own fine city TODAY.  Yes, you can dance on top of that table now.

The ‘big white box’ on the corner of Powell and O’Farrell has been teasing us for long enough.  Today, Friday Oct 5, Uniqlo will be opened and ready to be ravenged by everyone in the city.  Luckily, it’s Friday.  That means at least half of you are getting paid today.  Time to get shopping!

Last night, The Social Life was invited to check out the exlusive opening party to preview the shop before today’s opening.  The party may have been ‘invite-only’, but it certainly felt like the entire city was there.  It was a fabulous event!

Uniqlo kept us all in high spirits and very entertained.  DJ Migel Migs started off the night and the evening finished with a live performance by the gorgeous Goapele.  Tasty Uniqlo themed snacks were passed around and multiple bars kept the night moving.

Whether it’s their incredible price points or uber stylish, easy to wear clothing, Uniqlo always has a knack for impressing people.  Tonight?  It was their insane photo mirror.  It works a little something like this: you try on a piece of their clothing, the mirror takes a picture of you and then you can see that specific item of clothing in all the different colours avaliable without trying them on.  It’s so hard to explain, but once you see it, you can’t help but let your jaw drop.  Better yet?  It’s not a still image, the colours of the item will still rotate, even when you’re still moving around.  NUTS.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can send a photo image of yourself to your Facebook or email with a click of a button.  Alllright Uniqlo, what’s next??

So check it out San Francisco, Uniqlo opens its doors today at 10am.  Special opening weekend prices will be on all weekend long.  Get down there fast, it’s going to be NUTS.