To complete our 3-day coverage on FNO, we finish up with a final article from our Vancouver contributor Joshua Langston, straight from the place we know best, front row.

The Official FNOV Fashion Show

by Joshua Langston

The most talked about event of the night was the official fashion show. The show was open to the public on a first come first serve basis. As our limo pulled up to CBC Studios, we exited with a full on paparazzi photo bomb moment.  Seat check in- CHECK.  Media Wall photos, CHECK.  Backstage photo shoot with Viranlly– CHECK!

  The intimate space was outfitted nicely, with two rows per side for the media and open space on either side for the public.  Armed with nothing but curiosity, excitement (and every technological device known to man) we were ready for the show.

The 500-person crowd was welcomed by FMA Weekly Hosts Natalie Langston and Meena Mann who listed off the designers and retailers participating in the show. First up was one of Vancouver’s finest, Jason Matlo.

Florence of FNOV on left

Jason is a fixture within the Vanocuver fashion community.  He is well respected for not just his designs, but for his strong and unapologetic point of view.  Tonight Jason showed his latest Babe collection.  The line is made up of chic cocktail dresses and is known for harboring the spirit of his RTW line but at a more attainable price point. The colour palette kept in mind some of Jason’s signatures with strong connection to black and grey.  Exciting digitalized prints and pops of colour in cobalt, teal and fuchsia were also threaded into the collection.

French Connection presented a collection offering great outerwear pieces for both men and women. The styling was spot on and the creative layering was a pleasure to see. This was the first appearance of mustard amongst the collections, which is a huge colour this fall.

The next designer was Daryl White of D.W, who is a fresh face on the design scene who recently relocated to Vancouver.  As we neared the halfway point, Daryl’s collection was exactly what the show needed to pump up the volume.I was fortunate enough to work with him on his Vancouver debut show VFW last year; it was a unforgettable experience. This season he drew inspiration his friend, and local Vancouver pop prince, Peter Breeze. The show started with the premiere to Peter’s new video, L.A and was named ‘Forever Wilde after a tattoo on Peter’s left peck.  Daryl used creative, high-impact styling and turned all the male models into an ‘LA gang’ set to beat you up and take away your dreams (and look damn good doing it).  DW is known for “upcycling” fashion: he reworks pieces using various techniques to create something new, yet raw.

Daryl White and Peter Breeze

Marilyns of West Van and Wear Else both presented collections of their Fall looks. Both collections played with luxurious layers with a strong focus on mustard, maroon and major outerwear.  There was also a small presentation by Stylista Clothing.  The styling was fantastic.  At a quick glance, they could have passed for Lanvin!

The prize for the winner of the Fashion Design Competition was to show a collection on the main stage of FNOV.  For winner Evan Ducharme’s his first collection, it was extremely diverse. His fascination with colour was appreciated, especially Vancouver’s grey market. I fell in love with some of the silhouettes: the white high-waisted skirt with a giant bow on the front was crisp and effortless.  He included a wide selection of day dresses and evening looks. It’s  remarkable what he was able to accomplish in such a short time..  I’m excited to see how he grows as a designer, and I hope he continues to take risks, because in this case, it paid off.

Closing the show was another well respected designer with a very loyal clientele, RozeMerie Cuevas of Jacqueline Conoir and JAC.  The inspiration for the Jacqueline Conoir collection came from tapestries and fabrics you may see on antiqued furniture in an old castle.  She mixed in the current colour-blocking trend to add a modern twist.

The secondary line JAC is geared to a younger demographic, playing with the youthful spirit of the existing Jacqueline Conoir customer.  The JAC girl craves the attention, and she demands it.   JAC played with interesting textures and weaves to create more interest on the silhouette and layers. I have been in LOVE with the ombre vest for quite some time, and as it came down the runway I exclaimed “MINE”.

Until Next time… Josh xx

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