by Anna T Fabulous 

PEOPLE: Kelly Cutrone, Jackie Fraser-Swan

PLACES: New York


Emerson 1

Jackie Fraser-Swan displayed a beautiful collection filled with multiple textures, patterns and fabrics.  The marriage between soft and hard was proposed by mixing leather with chiffon, velvet with plaid and chunky knits cut into feminine shapes.  While the overall collection had a girlish vibe, it was by no means ‘sugary sweet’.  Precision cutting within the patterns and simple yet chic styling made the pieces wearable for any girl.

NOTE FROM JOSHUA: The Emerson show was held up because Jackie Fraser-Swan’s children and parents were stuck on a train at Penn Station.  Kelly Cutrone came on the mic and said “This isn’t a PR stunt,  we are just waiting for Jackie’s parents and daughters to arrive, the models are ready but if you love your moms, you will wait. We have music for you and the show will start in 15 minutes.” The DJ started to play some mellow music then Kelly said, “Can we get something for upbeat like Prince or something.”  Kelly is my hero.

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