PEOPLE: Liz Trinnear, Heather Marks, Shenae Grimes
PLACES: Topshop/Topman, Vancouver
THINGS: Store Opening Day
by Joshua Langston
I woke up Thursday morning a little unsure of what happened the day before. It all seemed surreal, like a dream I never wanted to wake up from.  My alarm went off and I checked my phone: today was the ribbon cutting ceremony for Topshop!  Apparently I wash’t dreaming afterall, this was all ACTUALLY happening. I quickly gained my composure, packed my Phillip Lim with necessities (my camera, business cards and smelling salts…you know… in case I faint from the excitement).
I arrived on scene to a serious fashion-spectacle.  The block was barricaded off and the street was filled with eager fashionistas awaiting the opening.  A huge truck covered in campaign images for Topshop was parked near by and upon further inspection, it turned out to be….a food truck!?  Yep! why am I even surprised anymore?  Topshop is the ultimate in customer appreciation. The food cart was supplying all the waiting customers withgrilled cheese sandwiches and other tasty treats (after last night’s party, a cheesy bite of comfort food was graciously welcomed).
Minutes before the store opened, Much Music VJ Liz Trinnear hit the stage to hype up the crowd for the ribbon cutting.  Bonnie Brooks- the President of HBC, Gordon Richardson- Creative Director of Topman, Canadian supermodel Heather Marks and Canadian Actress Shenae Grimes of 90210 stood behind the ribbon.  Bonnie Brooks gave opening remarks regarding the excitement of the opening of Topshop at the HBC.
Muchmusic VJ Liz Trinnear
Canadian model Heather Marks
90210’s Shenae Grimes
 The ribbon was cut the crowd ROARED. I was lucky to get the chance to enter the store ahead of the crowd to snap photos of their widening eyes, beaming smiles and jumping excitement.
Within only a few minutes the store was filled with people running their hands across the sleek interiors and perusing the racks upon racks of fabulous clothes. Girls were using their arms as rolling racks to ensure they didn’t miss anything on their initial sweep through the store.  The fabulous DJ Kasha Kennedy was back on the decks spinning some upbeat music to keep the crowd going; some had been there since before 7am waiting to enter!
DJ Kasha Kennedy on deck
I navigated myself over to the Topman section and was greated by Michael Ninian, who is probably one of the best dressed sales associates I have seen at ANY retail establishment. He took the time to help me find the specific pieces I was looking for, despite the surrounding madness. He maintained great composure, provided thoughtful advice and had an unwavering smile. REFRESHING.
If you’re the type of shopper who appreciates being handed a rail of options curated to your wants and needs, look no further: a Personal Shopping Department is attached to an area of Topshop.
Topshop offered a couple contests via Twitter where you could tweet photos of your purchases to win a shopping spree.  A photo booth had photos being uploaded directly to Facebook.  It was glorious!
Photo via Topshop
A huge thank you is in order for The Hudson’s Bay Co, Topshop and their respective teams. Once again the HBC has thrown a fabulous series of events and executed a perfect opening. I look forward to see not only what is to come from The Hudsons Bay Co and Topshop, but to eating ramen noodles the rest of my life to support my Topshop shopping habit.
Unitl next time… -Joshua xx