By Joshua Langston

The fashion industry has been making leaps and bounds in broadening their advertising and marketing campaigns, to feature same-sex couples. From J. Crew to The Gap and Banana Republic, we are seeing a rise of LGBTQ representation from large scale fashion companies.

Tiffany & Co just released their latest engagement campaign featuring a same-sex couple consisting of two gorgeous gentleman. While the names of the gentlemen have not been released, a rep for Tiffany & Co responded to fashionista that the couple featured were infact a gay couple from NY. Their names have not been released as they are not models [But frankly if you look at them you would just assume they are].

The campaign imagery shows different aspects of the day and a life of couples in love, shot in black and white.

There are also models featured in other segments of the campaign, including Andreea Diaconu, Joséphine Le Tutour, Luca Gadjus and Cora Emmanuel.

The copy from the ad is also very poignant and beautiful, with a picture of two platinum mens wedding bands.

“Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences, or singing off-key, which I’m afraid you do often. And will you let today be the first sentence in a long story that never, ever ends? Will you?”

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