By Dominique Hanke
Images courtesy of Sam Deitch/


As I stepped off the bustlng streets of New York’s Chelsea into the private residence housing Tia Cibani’s S/S16 presentation, I  was immediately transported to the tropics, with beautiful, exotic hanging baskets and lush, floral displays. Inspired by the lush and the exotic, Tia Cibani’s collection reflected the vibrancy of the samba, balanced with the serenity of the Bahia culture.
BFA_1633229 BFA_1633123

The first grouping of models were dressed in whites and ecru, these pieces were light, made in cotton, linens and silks. The design focused heavily on cut and line. These pieces defined the whole feeling of the collection: beachy, feminine but practical wear. As I moved on through the collection, strong pops of colour were added in, but the pieces didn’t lose the serene and breezy vibe. As I reached the back of the space and the final group of models, the palette transitioned to black, very much echoing the first pieces. The use of materials and texture, however, maintained the softness and relaxed vibe.
BFA_1633120 BFA_1633267 BFA_1633157 BFA_1633303My favourite look of the collection was the cotton utility gown. It has such great line and the textural blocking of sheer and opaque fabrics gave the piece an elegant yet fresh feel.
BFA_1633166Above: My favourite look
BFA_1633196 BFA_1633166 BFA_1633160BFA_1633168 BFA_1633159 BFA_1633170 BFA_1633162BFA_1633157 BFA_1633303 BFA_1633172 BFA_1633113Above: Tia Cibani with a few of her models

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