Last weekend The Deighton Cup was held in Vancouver, Canada.  It was a two-day event and the city celebrated a weekend at the races!  Girls wore their most fabulous hats and the boys pulled out their sharpest cuff links.  It was a scene to be seen and Vancouver turned it OUT.  Our Vancouver contributor Joshua Langston attended both events: Big Smoke and Thoroughbred.  He will be giving us all the fierce and fabulous details in a minute.  But first:  our Joshua sat down with the beautiful Miss America 2012, Laura Kaeppeler, who was in town to host the event of the summer.  These are Laura’s People, Places and Things. -TSL

Laura winning Miss America 2012

The Social Life contributor Joshua Langston with Laura and The Deighton Cup in Vancouver Canada (photo by Viranlly Liemena)

Laura at Deighton Cup in Vancouver, Canada (photo by Viranlly Liemena)


“Within my travels I have to travel about 20,000 miles a month.  I have been to many different states, sometimes two every two days!  Because of my schedule, I have met a lot of different cultures, different kinds of people and experienced many different ways of life.  It is through my experience that I have learned that I really appreciate people who are distinctly themselves and don’t change because of where they live or who they’re around.  I don’t think I necessarily have any specific person in mind, but I do know that I have a really strong appreciation of [people] being unique and individual.”


“Montreal.  I came to Montreal for the first time last February and I just fell in love.  It’s quaint and unique with a European feel, a truly beautiful town.  In Montreal, I get to visit the showroom of Joseph Ribkoff, who outfits me for all my appearances. The Joseph Ribkoff collection travels very well, which is perfect for my current schedule as I’ll be on the road 330 days this year.”

“I love New York City, I love the people and the pace.  In the last year I have learned that how not to relax, much like how the people of New York don’t know how to relax.  Since NYC is go-go-go all the time, it feels like home when I am there. “


“Just ask anyone, I love my dog!  His name is Smokey, he is two years old and he is my pride and joy.  My sister, who is home with him now, sends me photos [of Smokey] everyday. When I go home, I am always most excited to see my dog.”

“My other favorite thing would be my Louis Vuitton bag which I just got.  I don’t mean
to be materialistic, but it is honestly one of my most favorite things that I travel with.”

All good girl, we understand!!

Laura at Deighton Cup by Viranlly Liemena 

A huge thank you to Miss America for sitting down with our Joshua for this Socialview.  Good luck with all your travels!  You are wonderful.

Laura at the Kentucky Derby

Special thanks to Joshua Langston, Lyndi Barrett, Viranlly Liemena and Deighton Cup for this interview.  

Photo credits:, Viranllly Liemena, Jonathan Evans and from Laura herself.