The Team


Editor in Chief

Social Joshua Langston

Joshua grew up in Vancouver but always dreamed of the New York skyline. While other children were watching Power Rangers, Joshua was entranced by
Fashion TV with Jeanne Beker. Upon graduating high school he enrolled in a law program at a local university, but after a couple years he traded in his legal briefs
for fashion textbooks. After graduating from the Blanche Macdonald Center, he began working in various domains of the fashion industry including styling,
fashion show production, event production, public relations . In July 2013, Joshua took over as Editor of The Social Life and leads teams in Vancouver,
Toronto, New York and San Francisco to discover the best of fashion, art, lifestyle and culture.



Photographer and Contributor

Social Viranlly Liemena

Viranlly Liemena joined The Social Life in September of 2012 after proving his exquisite eye for capturing the best of the style glitterati.  He is The Social Life’s in-house ‘Tommy Ton’.  Viranlly can be see running to photograph every fashionista and fashionisto- anything to get the perfect shot.

Not a stranger to style himself, Viranlly’s closet could challenge the best of us: bow ties, colorful blazers, sharp button ups and head-to-toe plaid.  Viranlly is an expert on menswear and style.  Viranlly recently graduated from studying Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia (and at the same time photographing for us!).

Viranlly now offers his expert menswear styling advice through his column The Social Gentleman once a month on TSL.  What better way to get dressed in the morning than from the advice of this dashing young chap?



Vancouver Contributor


British-born Dominique Hanke brings a generous dose of European flair to her style. Being brought up in U.K during the era of the supermodels clearly had an impact, as Dominique started designing her first collections in her childhood bedroom at the ripe age of 6. Now living in downtown Vancouver, British Colombia, Dominique works as a designer, stylist , Fashion editor , fashion writer and most recently has taken on a position as a Lecturer teaching Millinery at VCC in Vancouver.

As a writer Dominique has had the opportunity to contribute to publications including AOL Stylelist, Assignment Fashion, The Social Life and Fresh Magazine keeping readers up-to-date with all the goings on in the fashion world, as well as her personal fashion adventures.

As a stylist she has been published in multiple publications including Fresh magazine, PUMP Magazine, Veux Magazine, Freshly Worn Magazine, Miroir Magazine, Like a Lion Magazine and Estela Magazine. She is passionate about the industry and loves that she has the opportunity to see and work with fashion from many perspectives, as well as being able to share her passion for it in so many different ways.



Toronto Contributor


Jacky Le is the newest addition to The Social Life team as of May 2013.  With an early start to the world of writing and fashion, his writing career began in high school as an editor for Youthink Magazine, where he helped create their first ever mens style section. Jacky further pursed a career in the fashion industry by enrolling in Blanche Macdonald Centre, where he graduated with a diploma in Fashion Merchandising in 2012.

 Working as a freelance stylist and editor in Vancouver, Jacky’s career has allowed hi

m to write for publications in Canada & US which include Stylust (Vancouver) and Kenton Magazine(New York). Now entering a new stepping stone in his career, Jacky is excited to be joining The Social Life family. Hoping to give his own fresh perspective on all things that he loves such as fashion,music (hip hop specifically), and nightlife.



San Francisco Contributor

Uniqlo UT 1

Ayana lives in Pittsburg, CA and commutes regularly to San Francisco.  She attended the Fashion Insitute of Design and Merchandising, received and A.A. in Fashion Merchandise Marketing and is in pursuir of a B.A. in Business Management.  Ayana has held various positions in sales, styling, visual merchandising, floor planning, social media and merchandise buying, but aims to work in special event co-ordination (planning & production) for fashion shows and/or concerts.

Everything in relation to the fashion industry (i.e. the events, the magazine spreads, the sales, all down to the outfits) is a different puzzle, but by being the insanely organized person she is am, Ayana gets a rush when putting each together. There is no end to creativity and yet, there is no chaos. Instead, it’s an incessantly developing industry of organized eccentricity and that’s what she loves about it the most!

Ayana joined The Social Life in May 2013 as our contributor for San Francisco.



Founder and Editor-at Large

Social Anna Thorsen

The Social Life’s Anna Thorsen was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to San Francisco in October of 2009.  In 2010, Anna started her blog I Need A Social Life which documented her personal interactions with people, places and things within San Francisco and her travels around the globe.

Anna saw an opportunity in connecting the social life of the fashion industry with the rest of the world when she participated in her first New York Fashion Week in Feb 2012.  She then turned her personal blog into a fully operating online platform in May 2012 and The Social Life was born.

At the end of 2012, Anna resigned from her retail merchandising position after almost 10 years at Artizia and moved back to Vancouver in Feb 2013 and began building her apparel & event company by post street. In June 2013, Anna decided to step down from her role as EIC at The Social Life in order to dedicate her life entirely on her entrepreneurial goals within her role as Creative Director for by post street.  She is extremely excited to see where the TSL Team goes under the advisory of Joshua Langston.  Good luck team!



Vancouver Contributor


Amy is a fixture in the Vancouver fashion scene, from front row at fashion shows to dining private breakfasts at Tiffany and co. In February 2013 Amy was at NYFW with TSL’s EIC Joshua Langston. She took her first season at NYFW by storm, scoring a writing position with New York Fashion Week Live. Amy’s drive, ambition and passion caught our eye a long time ago and we are so excited to have her join us at TSL.

When it comes to fashion and style, it’s not all that complicated to her. Fashion is global while style is personal. Each person curates the world of fashion to find something that speaks to where they have been and where they are heading. What appeals to Amy are looks that are timeless, elegant, romantic and memorable. A lover of all things Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. You can also find her writing for the Vancouver Courier as their weekly style and relationship columnist.