By Joshua Langston


In the midst of preparations for the awaited Fashion’s Night Out Vancouver, Secret Location hosted a FW preview of their new lines to a selected group of media.  Of course, TSL was on the scene.  The event was held previous to the store opening for the day, and we could not have been more excited.  We juggled lattes and some tasty treats by their pastry chef Kira Desmond.  I must say I am a sucker for a sweet treat with my morning coffee, and Chef Kira blew us away with her delectable bites, some of the best we have ever tasted.   Joined by local style icon and prominent fashion stylist Deanna Palkowski, I grabbed my camera out of my bag and started snapping photos of this serene new Gastown boutique/restaurant.

Secret Location is still relatively new, but they’re beginning to garner a lot of attention from the local fashion glitteratti and media. Their brand assortment is inspiring and unexpected.  They have been able to curate exclusivity to obscure brands, ones you can’t just find at your larger luxury retailers. Their ultra-modern and
spacious interior is well laid out, a complete transformation from the original space.

Secret Location currently carries a selection of mint condition vintage Chanel bags and jewelry.  I grazed my hands across the quilted surfaces and my heart strings were pulled ever so tightly. I instantly became enamoured with the ceramic bowties, which are worn by all the staff in the adjoining resturant. Another favourite? The facemasks with leather eye covers.  The soft and buttery texture felt great on my face.  My hands were drawn towards leather gloves with embroidered mustaches on them, the perfect detail to peak out from the hem of your jacket sleeve for the looming Fall Season.

 As my eyes wandered, I noticed that Liam Fahy loafers lined the shelves.  I saw FUR CAPPED loafers that blew my mind. I also loved the colour blocked Pringle of Scotland pumps, they were absolutly divine. After taking a break from the shoe porn, infront of me I saw Deanna wearing a Rad Hourani backpack.  This bag was incredible.  It was extremely structured, shaped like a rectangle.  The  juxtopostition of the hardness mixed with the soft leather was a fantastic.  In addition to the assortment of clothing and accessories they have a wonderful selection of fashion books and magazines.

Stay tuned as I recount an exclusive look at the Secret Location Fall/Winter 2012 Preview, coming right up!

See you soon,

xoxo -Joshua