By Joshua Langston


Two by two the looks came out, each one more incredible and interesting than the last. I stood their admiring the looks along side Assistant Buyers Cara McLeay & Emily Gray, Store Managers Gina Park & Amber Wilkins and Carey Melnichuk, the Proprietress and Creative Director for Secret Location.

Carey gave us more information about the designers from the pieces we were seeing.  Supporting Carey was Cara McLeay and Laura Cropper of Tara Parker Tait PR.  The fabulous hosts ensured that no details were missed.

A fabulous look on model Alexa was a digitalized art deco Holly Fulton dress and coat paired the color blocked Pringle of Scotland pumps and Holly Fulton Necklace. This oversized print is majorly on trend for Fall and the cool blue pallette with the pops of cyan was masterfully done.

The last look of the day on model Darrian was my absolute favorite.  The pants, top and sweater were Barbara Gioni, the boots by Andreas Taralis, bag by Elena Ghiselini and  the outfit was complete with bracelets by Maria Francesca Pepe. The look could best be described as a ‘fashion ninja’.  The mixture of textures and the
manipulation of proportions was styled to perfection.

On my way out the door I received a beautiful Secret Location umbrella (thee most practical gift for a Vancouverite), and a jump drive with additional information on the looks. The jump drive was branded to represent Secret Location, very cool! It’s refreshing to leave an event and have all the pertinent information you could need before you walk out the door.

Thank you to the entire team at Secret Location and Laura of TPT PR for not only filling my stomach with something sweet, but filling my soul with something so inspirational.

I look forward to your next event.

 Until next time..

xoxo -Joshua