Paris Day 1: Veuve Clicquot and Free Phones

by Anna T Fabulous

Paris Day 1. The very first thing as see during landing? The Eiffel Tower. We’re here in Paris and it’s fashion week. Complete and utter AWE.

What other way to start then to hit the ground running. Like…RUNNING. Clearly was our specialty on this trip to Europe.

Suitcases were unpacked in 30 seconds. With a quick splash of the face, no make up except for a swipe of red lipstick, we grabbed Celine and ran to The W hotel for our first order of business (or order of disaster, depending on how you look at it)

We met our friend Flynt, a publicist for PR Consulting, who already had martinis waiting. This was my first time meeting this fabulous firecracker, and let me tell you: it was love at first sight.

The W was hosting an event for a girl named Calla, a fellow Canadian and up and coming designer based out of Paris.  The W will be sponsoring two trips for Calla to destinations of her choice.  In turn, Calla will design two collections inspired by her travels.  Sounds pretty fabulous, no?  Oui, Oui!

Calla wearing a dress of her own design 

We picked up a fierce shwag bag from the event: The Fashion Week Survival Kit.  It was filled with literally anything and everything you would need on any whirlwind fashion week: from moisturizer to lip balm to nail art to water to breath mints and even a brand new HTC phone designed by the designers of Cushnie et Ochs.  Fabulous.

After few glasses of Vueve, we clicked our heels and whisked off to the next place: The Marais District.  Ahhhh, the Marais.  Complete and utter fabulousness.  All the queens, kings, trans and fans were OUT.

Things got a little cray (and a little fuzzy), but we danced the night away until the wee hours of the Parisian morning.  It was the perfect (and only) way to begin the Parisian leg of our trip.  Onto the next!