Vancouver contributor heads to the second part of Vancouver’s The Deighton Cup
by Joshua Langston
When I woke up Saturday morning I was confused: vivid memories of twilight horse racing and the faint scent of cigars came flashing back to me…was it a dream?  After further ‘caffeination’ I recalled the previous night’s event which I had attended. Deighton Cup: Big Smoke, a surreal and dream-like event. This meant only one thing. IT WAS NOW TIME FOR THE DEIGHTON CUP!  
I was wearing a micro-gingham print wool blazer to a summer event, yet regardless, I loved my look. I was fortunate enough to have popped down to Hive Mind Millinery to grab a custom hat for the day.  I gravitated to woven brimmed hat with exaggerated proportions on the rim and a crown that was absolutely sublime.  It really made a statement.  I placed the millinery masterpiece on my head, and was literally ‘Off to the races’.
I entered the venue and it had been completely transformed from the night before.  The vibe was very sophisticated and it reminded me of what summertime in the Hamptons is all about. The celebration of fashion and sartorial style had never felt as present for me in Vancouver as it did for today’s Cup.
Towards the media check-in I went and ran into Fashion PR Maven Lyndi Barrett of LJ-PR who was stunning in a Parisian inspired look.  After such a warm welcome by Lyndi and her team , I made my way to meet up with my dear friend and photographer Viranlly (who took all the photos for this post).  Finally we linked eyes and as I walked towards him I noticed he was using a black Hermes Birkin bag as a camera bag.  Yes, he’s that fabulous.
Photo: Jonathan Evans
Lyndi of Lj PR and Joshua Langston
Reiko of The Real Housewives of Vancouver with our photographer Viranlly (right) with is Hermes Birkin as a camera bag.
The first item on the agenda was to get into the VIP Veuve Cliqout lounge, which was overlooking the race course, for a glass of champagne before my interview with the current reigning Miss America Laura Kaeppeler. Laura was wearing a beautiful blue body-con dress with gorgeous neckline and pleat detailing from Joseph Ribkoff.  She styled the dress with a pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps and a fantastic full brimmed hat.
Photo: Jonathan Evans
Throughout the day I ran into some of Vancouver’s most fabulous people. Christie Lohr, owner and founder of Style Nine To Five and Beauty Nine to Five was absolutely captivating. She was easily one of my best dressed people, and when your as beautiful as she is, it doesn’t take much. Fashion designer Carlie Wong was onsite selling a line Ascots which she had just designed.
Photo: Jonathan Evans
My favorite hat would go to Erin Cebula of ET Canada in a chic and gothic inspired fascinator from Hive Mind Millinery.  I had first seen this hat on Dominique Hanke (designer for Hive Mind), at her fashion show with JENNYFLEURLOVES.   Bria Alexandra was wearing another noteable piece and the photo of her taken by Viranlly is one of my favorites.
While the ladies were all dressed to the nines, it was the male attendees who really raised the bar.  Some of the men kept it very traditional and others that took a chance and brought the unexpected.  There was a sea of seersucker suits, ascots and brogues in every colour.  I have never, in all my years of existence, seen so many well dressed men in Vancouver. It was what dreams are made of.
When the last race of the day was about to start, we made our way to the Winner’s Circle to photograph the passing of The Deighton Cup. Watching a race from the Winner’s Circle is quite a rush, you can actually feel the clicking of the horse shoes as they hit the ground.  While watching the race I met the rest of the Deighton Cup team: Dax Droski of the Adelphia group and the dynamic duo behind The Social Concierge, Tyson Villeneuve and Jordan Kallman. I gave my esteemed congratulations for a fabulous weekend of events.
We made our way back to the main part of the venue to the terrace sponsered by The Vancouver Club. There were beautiful white fixtures hanging from trees complete with barefoot bacci.  The ground was lined with casted off heels from the ladies of the day. Viranlly ran into the stunning Reiko on our way out the door wearing the Prada Lips shoes (which I am OBSESSED with).
Reiko of The Real Housewives of Vancouver
We headed back downtown afterwards.  Viranlly and I were abuzz about what we had experienced for the entire cab ride. This event easily could have been in the Hamptons, it could have been a part of any of the European fashion weeks, but no, it was here in Vancouver. It was AMAZING.  Thank you once again to all the sponsors, producers, volunteers and everyone that contributed to this event.  I’ll see you soon The Social LIfe!  -xx Joshua
Photo: Jonathan Evans
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Photo credits: Viranlly Liemena (unless noted)