Day 1

Our Anna meets their Anna.  (jacket: Wilfred, shirt: Talula Babaton, jeans: JBrand, purse: Celine)

As Carrie Bradshaw says with a sigh: “New York….New York.”  There really is no other way to out it, New York is and will always be pure magic.  Every time we get to New York, we hit the ground running.  For this 40-hour stop off, we had to hit it extra hard and extra fast.  Meaning we landed at JFK at 5:22pm and we were sitting down in Soho with our first martini in a brand new outfit and a fresh face of makeup by 7:45 pm.  You can’t mess with us; there is no time to waste.

By 8pm, we were spoiled with risotto and salmon at with absolutely fabulous company.  After a delicious meal and a seriously chatty catch up, Anthony took us to a bar in the East Village to watch get a glimpse of the football game.  Now before you go on thinking that we have lost our minds, (The Social Life watching…football?) we must inform you: this was not any old bar or football game.  The San Francisco 49ers were playing Detroit and let us tell you: we have never seen as many SF football fans in one place.  Not even in San Francisco!  The doorman took one look at our California ID and we swear they would’ve given us ownership of the bar if they could.  After a quick laugh and a drink at the bar, we had to head back to Chelsea.  Our second half of San Francisco has just landed at JFK!

San Francisco has arrived!

Killian arrived in Manhattan.  NOW the game had really started.  Third outfit of the day, third hour in New York, one protein bar and a few hundred beers later we headed to our favourite Sunday Night in New York tradition: Vandamn at Greenhouse Nightclub.  The club queens were OUT. The bar was packed to the tranny tits from floor to ceiling, the makeup was caked on and the heels were high.  All we did was dance, dance, and dance.  Beauty and glamour at an all time maximum.

Monday morning: the hangover was minimal (probably due to the last night snack at some tiny restaurant in Meat Packing on the way home from Vandamn).  This may have been a quick trip to NYC, but it clearly is not going to be our last. We kept day was loosely planned so not to stress ourselves out.  First up: Coffee.  Next?  A quick jaunt to Grand Central Station.  GCS is extraordinary.  The ‘hustle and bustle’ energy of people on the go is addicting and the best part of the station is the sick brand new open concept Apple store located at the top of the steps in the back.  “I’ll take three iPads please!”  No biggie.

Life is Grand. (shirt: Band of Outsiders, shorts: RVCA, shoes: Converse, watch: Chanel)

An Apple a day.

Unfortunately we had to miss NYFW this season, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t get a fair share of style on this trip.  The afternoon started with a visit to the Basler Fashion Showroom on 7th Ave.  We perused the looks and tried on some clothes and gathering some bomb-ass information for our next post.  Yup. That’s right.  You’ll have to be patient and wait for all the details.

ATF rocking a Basler blazer

Now it was time to shop.  Starting at the high-end side of the spectrum, we perused the men’s and women’s Bergdorf Goodman to get some ideas for our Milan & Paris Fashion Week looks.  Hop, skip and a cab ride down brought us to all the fabulous boutiques nestled in the streets of Soho.  Alexander Wang and Oak NYC turned our pussies out (as always.)  Couples extra pounds of fabric may or may not have been added to our suitcase…don’t judge!  This is New York after all.

Evening was setting in and it was time to get the NYC crew together again.  We took our dear friend Ryan to this incredible Mexican restaurant in The Bowery.  Guacamole that could kill and we’re still dreaming about the tacos.  Life.  Changing.

To end the trip we did some evening East Side bar hopping, starting at Cock and working our way to Eastern Bloc, a bar co-owned by Anderson Cooper’s BF.  Hello!  The NYC family came together and the night was absolutely perfect and hilarious.  We are so privileged to know such talented people.  Just being in their presense is enough inspiration to keep you going for the rest of the year.

Our 40 hours in New York ended at Grey’s Pupaya, a gourmet late night hot dog stand that Killian had seen on Regis and Kelly over 15 years ago.  How he remembered this for so long is beyond us.  Their claim to fame are their strictly gourmet dogs.  They may be greasy, but damn there were fine.  After a late night stroll around the block to help settle our tummies, we headed up to bed.  We were up early the next day to repack for our journey overseas.

To Ryan, Nathan, Anthony, Esty, Miles, Lauren, all the queens and The City of New York, thank you for having us.

Peace Out North America.

Stay tuned for our next update straight from the streets of Barcelona.

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