Social Amaly Nurong


Owner of Today (you are special)

Twitter: @anarong  Instagram: @anarong

What’s your secret dream job?

Housewife! Because why not, you get to bake and wear cute things!


Which famous person (alive or dead) do you turn to for inspiration?

Edie Sedgwick, mind blowing fashion and intriguing lifestyle. Edie come back to us!

If you could fly anywhere, where would you go this weekend and who would you bring with you?

 If I could go anywhere this weekend it would definitely be an adventure to the Bermuda triangle to investigate. I’ve been going crazy over this mystery for years! I’d bring my boyfriend Dustin (if he’s brave enough) because he’s my best friend and sidekick.


At what restaurant did you last eat your favorite meal?

PIDGIN and I suggest you go. Go now.

Where is your favorite place to unwind and have an early evening cocktail? I am a big fan of The Diamond in Gastown. Or I should say I’m a big fan of their cocktails.

What’s your favorite thing to do that you can only do in Vancouver?

Get lost in Stanley Park over and over. I love that place.


What’s the one item in your closet you could never live without?

Everyone will probably think this is disgusting but a vintage knit Arnold Palmer cardigan with only 1 button left…it has grown on me like a mold.

 What do you ALWAYS have to bring with you when you travel? 

iPhone duh!