By Joshua Langston

PEOPLE: Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist

PLACES: Secret Location, Vancouver

THINGS: The Sartorialist Book Signing

Sartorialof or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress: sartorial splendor.”

There’s something to be said for the amount of effort it takes to get dressed for the day.  Ironically I was running sartorially late (sorry but the world would have ended if I chose the wrong shoes tonight).  At about 3 in the afternoon, I realized I had nothing to wear, especially after the recent string of events and holiday parties.  When I walked past my Gastown neighbors at Secret Location, I was shocked to see there was already a line up going down the block of anxious Vancouverites awaiting the impending arrival of Scott. I whipped into TopMan like it was the first day of the Barneys Warehouse sale, grabbed a new blazer and the cutest navy tie with zebras on it. Perfect.  I was ready!

Joshua Langston with Scott

Putting together a look is like art, and like art, everyone will have a different interpretation. In this regard, Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, could arguably be the world’s biggest art collector. From the people on the streets to numerous international fashion weeks, Scott is there to capture the beauty in everyday style. While he has always had a love and appreciation for fashion his true mistress has always been his camera.

via The Sartorialist

It all started quite simply by taking pictures in the streets of NY that “he felt looked great”. It wasn’t long before his internationally recognized blog, The Sartorialist, was born. His first book was titled The Sartorialist.  It was a collection of street style images shot from the streets all over the world, from everyday people to fashion icons like Anna Del Russo. Swoon…. Scott is currently on a press tour for his second book, Closer.  The book dives deeper into the types of people he wants to shoot.

The public signing at Secret Location was from 4-7pm, and I managed to sneak my way in at about 630pm. I met Viranlly outside and he was obviously dressed in only the best of the best. Just before we stepped inside I saw something that warmed the ice block that normally is my heart. Tyler and another staff member brought out Petite Fours by Kira Desmond, their INCREDIBLE pastry chef.  Umm…YUM.

Photo via Secret Location

(Note to self, when you may be standing for a undetermined amount of time, don’t wear leather lined Vintage LV creepers that are two sizes to small. They hurt.  But hey, this is fashion, so I got over it and smiled my way through.)

Lyndi Barrett of Lj PR with Scott

  I spoke with the lovely Cara Mcleay of Secret Location and we talked about the overwhelming response they have had for the signing. A Vancouver resident named Emma was not only featured in the book, but also in attendance for the event. There were limited copies of  “Closer” available as well as some prints of some of his most iconic portraits.

I sat down with Scott nearing the end of the signing and I was impressed how attentive he still was. After about 3 hours of sitting, chatting and taking photos he remained just as excited to be there. We spoke briefly about Vancouver and how he would love to come back here to take in the sites and snap some of the style. After our brief conversation I headed to the after party in the adjoining restaurant to hang out with the media and VIP’s. Sidebar, if you have not been in for brunch at Secret Location you have not LIVED. The carrot cake fritters by pastry chef Kira Desmond could quite possibly be the solution to war in the world.

The amount of photographers at this event was astounding. I spent the night being snapped by a few local papers, FASHION Canada and one of my favorites ION Magazine. I had an interesting conversation with Deanna Palkowski the Fashion Editor of ION Magazine, Mana Mansour of West Coast Style and Christie Lohr of Style Nine To Five and Beauty Nine to Five. We spoke about the rise of the blogger in the media and about the attention they have received in recent years. littleFashionisto was wearing a military inspired jacket and a pleated skirt; he could rival any of the top models out there.


Mana Mansour of West Coast Style

On my way out I had to deliver a proper thank you to Leah of Tara Parker Tait PR. Her execution of the event was absolutely seamless, something I truly appreciate about all the Tara Parker Taint PR events I have attended. She said thank you and was modest about all the work leading up to the event and the event itself.

Thank you to the staff at Secret Location, TPT PR and of course, Scott Schuman, for putting on a spectacular evening. With electrifying events like these, how can one say there’s nothing to do in Vancouver?? Obviously they missed out on its ‘Secret Location’.  Until next time…Joshua XX


All photos courtesy of The Social Life’s in house photographer Viranlly Liemena unless otherwise noted