YVR- Ruby Starling Photo


 Name: Amber Dennis

Title: Founder/Designer

Twitter: @rubystarlingla  Instagram: @rubystarling

What’s your secret dream job?

I’m living it!

 Everyone has got a hidden talent, what are yours?

I’m a professional when it comes to sarcasm. My intuition is top notch and I am really funny, in my opinion.


Which famous person (alive or dead) do you turn to for inspiration?

Too many to name just one.. Bridgette Bardot, Abbey Lee Kershaw,Anita Pallenberg,Sienna Miller,Jimmy Hendrix, The Stones. The list can go on!

If you could fly anywhere, where would you go this weekend and who would you bring with you?

Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera with David Beckham, hands down.


At what restaurant did you last eat your favorite meal?

Palermo on Vermont in Los Feliz. Best pasta on earth and you get a giant basket of garlic bread the second you sit down. Not for low carb dieters.

Where is your favorite place to unwind and have an early evening cocktail?

Dukes Patio in Malibu (LAX) and HousexGuest in Gastown (YVR).

What’s your favorite thing to do that you can only do in Vancouver & Los Angeles?

Walking the seawall with my cute lil’ fam (YVR) or hit up 1000 steps or Crystal Cove beach in the OC (LAX).


What’s the one item in your closet you could never live without?

My Topshop Arson boots.

What do you ALWAYS have to bring with you when you travel?

Baby powder. Has many purposes (that I won’t get into).

What gives you the most goosebumps about your job?

Seeing people wearing one of our designs. Everything starts off as just a creative idea, so bringing that to life and witnessing a celebrity in Ruby Starling is definitely surreal.