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By Joshua Langston

Whenever I get an invitation to an event at The Room I squeal like a teenage girl getting surprised with tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. Perhaps this is one of those things I should be more cautious about admitting, but I, Joshua Langston, am a “The-Room-Event-oholic”.

The invitation for Roland Mouret at The Room hit my inbox I let out a squeal that I’m pretty sure only my dog could hear.  While Math may not be my strongest subject, but I have been able to break it down to this simple equation.

(Designer you never thought you would meet x Gorgeous clothes from their current collection) + Great food and refreshments + a curated well dressed crowd = A fabulous evening.

Roland Mouret at The Room 4 Roland Mouret at The Room 3

I immediately emailed Anna and Viranlly and told them to start getting their outfits ready. Anna had not been to an event at The Room since she moved back to Vancouver, and saying she was excited would be a complete understatement. In the week leading up to the event, every email we sent each other ended with a PS: WHAT ARE WE WEARING TO ROLAND!?!?!?!?!?

Fast forward to the day of the event, I was enjoying a sunny day in Vancouver (a string of 4 words you only hear 2 months of the year). With only a few hours before the big event I was the only one without an outfit together. I headed down to the basement at The Hudson’s Bay to Top Shop and Top Man.  I’m known for having a slightly over-the-top style and a sick obsession to anything with hardware and inconvenient details, so the one thing I knew I wanted for my look was to surprise people. I settled on a very tailored black Top Man suit, with a white dress shirt with a grey colour-blocked bib detail, Prada belt, Tom Ford pocket-square and black velvet DSquared2 shoes. My only accessory was my Marc Jacobs watch: no jewels, no tie, no bag, just a guy in a suit.

I told Anna we had to ACTUALLY arrive at the start of the event because once it hits fashionably-late-o-clock, The Room would be PACKED.

Roland Mouret at The Room 5 Roland Mouret at The Room 6 Roland Mouret at The Room 8

We met outside the Hudson’s Bay.  She was clad in a leopard blazer, ripped J Brand jeans and Top Shop gold sky-high heels. Her look was all about the hair, slicked back with cement practically and the tightest little braid I and ever seen, thanks to the wildly talented Jay Fisher at Stratosphere Salon.

Hair by Jay Fisher


The Room was filled with looks from Roland Mouret’s FW13 collection. The pieces combined an ultra-feminine fit with warrior like squared shoulders. I loved how the origami folded details paired with the colour/pattern blocking made for a very strong and concise look. It had equal parts of Parisian chic and warrior princess. Anna was especially enthralled with the deep plunging V’s on the dresses and perfect tailoring. Things got a bit awkward for me when Viranlly showed up wearing a leopard print blazer similar to Anna’s.  Yet again I missed the memo on the jungle party. Jason Matlo arrived with a few of his angels, all wearing stunning dresses from his line. These ladies BROUGHT IT and spent the night being chased by the flashbulbs of every photographer in the room.

The man of the hour arrived gleaming smile and a confidence you just can’t teach. He made his way around the room in a tailored tan blazer and crisp white shirt with the two top buttons undone. Sexy. I made my way around the room playing catch up with some of my favourite movers and shakers in the Vancouver fashion scene. Christie Lohr gave us legs for days in her leather shorts, while Mana Mansour popped from the crowd in her hot pink skirt. Leave it to Sue and Liam Randhawa from The Optical Boutique to show us all exactly HOW IT’S DONE.  I don’t understand how two people can be so inspiringly fabulous. It is absolutely BEYOND.

Anna T Fabulous and Roland Mouret via The Social Life’s Instagram

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 2.55.16 PMRoland Mouret at The Room 11

With the evening winding down we made our way to the elevator. This is when one of my favourite moments of the night happened, FASHION ELEVATOR. You will have to follow The Social Life on Vine to see what I mean…but it was NEXT LEVEL.

A huge thank you to Kiran, Michelle, Nicholas and the entire team at Hudson’s Bay for yet another remarkable event. Once again the fashion scene in Vancouver has been elevated and we all will be forever thankful. Until next time… Joshua


Roland Mouret at The Room 7