PEOPLE TODD LOVES: Helmut Newton, Terry Richardson, Ghandi, Mother Teresa

 FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT: Café Habana, New York

 FAVORITE PLACE TO DRINK: Le Crocodile in Paris or Le Bain in New York


 LATEST PURCHASE: A suit from Indochino

Todd Anthony Tyler was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario (helloooo Canada!).  This Northern Ontario boy has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, including 10 years of full-time professional modelling and 10 years of being a professional photographer.  Todd is one of today’s leading fashion photographers both in Asia and worldwide.

Since a very young age, Todd has had a strong interest in photography.  When he was young, his mother gave him a 110 film cartridge camera, and it was love at first sight.  “Right from my first peek through the viewfinder, I could frame the world the way I saw it.  I knew I was hooked.”  Todd pursued photography as a hobby through his years of modeling but never entertained the thought of turning it into a full time career.  It wasn’t until the end of his modeling days that he realized photography was his true calling.

Todd credits his success to his incredible work ethic and focused determination.  He is a self-taught photographer who believes “one must work hard and in a focused manner to achieve something beyond the norm.”  Having worked all over Aisa, Europe and North America, Todd draws inspiration from his multi-national experience on both sides of the camera.

Shanghai has been Todd’s home base for over a decade.  His latest gig has been landing a spot as the resident photographer and judge on Asia’s Next Top Model, beginning on November 4.  With a portfolio of clients including Harpers Baazar, Vogue, Elle, Ports 1961, Stella McCartney, Asian Photography and The Ritz Carlton, it’s no wonder he was asked to be a permanent part of the premiere cycle for Asia.

“I look forward to introducing the world to the diverse and unique beauty of Asian women, while doing my part to mentor and develop the chosen finalists into successful top models.”

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