The blonds are getting ready to celebrate one of their most unique collaborations yet, with a retrospective of their most iconic celebrity looks.

IMG_9038Above: Photo by Chris Winter for The Social Life [The Blonds FW15]
By Joshua Langston
Photos by Marco Ovando unless otherwise noted

NYFW is less than a week away and one thing we can always count on is The Blonds to put on an amazing show. This season beyond their show at Made Fashion Week they will also be celebrating a pretty iconic collaboration with Rootstein mannequins. Rootstein mannequins has been an integral part of the retail industry for the nearly 60 years. They boast one of the largest selections of mannequins that can be seen in windows and displays internationally. For the collaboration, The Blonds and Rootstein have created both male and female mannequins, based on Phillipe Blond. The designer is able to represent both the male and female gender with such fluidity, it seems like the obvious choice. I mean those cheekbones are so sharp, I’m surprised the TSA hasn’t tried to confiscate them.

The Blonds met the creative directors of Rootstein a few years ago at one of their mannequin launch events. Fast forward a few years later when they came up with the idea to create a male and female mannequin from a single subject. The idea of using a single subject to create male and female mannequins from had never been done before. When the Rootstein team was trying to find a subject, they asked Phillipe if he would be their muse. Previous muses for Rootstein include but are not limited to *THE* Joan Collins, model Twiggy, model Agyness Deyn, NY Nightlife Fixture Susanne Barstch, and model Pat Cleveland to name a few.

“In partnering with The Blonds, Rootstein continues its legacy of embracing individuality that captures, reflects and communicates the brilliant transience of fashion at its most beautiful and thrilling.The figures wield a power of their own.” – Representatives from Rootstein

The collaboration took Phillipe and David Blond to London where Rootstein Headquarters is based. The process took about 3 weeks in total. Every day Phillipe would head down to Rootstein HQ and pose for a few hours. While designing the female mannequin he would pose more like a woman, and when creating the male version he posed more like a man.


The key to a perfect mannequin is the details, and like their eponymous collection, every one had to be flawless. From finding the perfect wig styles to the makeup look, the Blonds consulted in a very hands on manner.

“The whole process is surreal and magical, like a dream. It is such honor to join the ranks of so many inspiring icons that have been sculpted for mannequins by Rootstein. Their heritage is groundbreaking and their craftsmanship is incomparable and I can’t wait to see what window dressers around the world will dress my mannequin in!” – Phillipe Blond

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On September 9th there will be a media launch for the mannequins, which will feature a retrospective of The Blonds most iconic celebrity worn looks. one can speculate what looks will be shown but I’m crossing my fingers to see a few of my favourites like Katy Perry’s “Smurfette” dress she wore to The Smurfs 3D premiere, “The Jewel Thief” look from their FW14 collection or the tour costumes they did for Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour.

After the media launch the display will remain for the remainder of September at the Rootstein Showroom in New York City (205 West 19th Street).

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