by Anna T Fabulous

Minimum is a Danish clothing line fronted by Peder Tang.  Their mission: “to conceive and develop progressive and young designs with undertones of Scandinavian coolness and metropolitan edge to young women and men on the international stage.’  And trust me, with what I have seen of their collections, they achieve this statement to a t.

Today I chat with Peder Tang about their recent expansion into the Canadian market and the inspiration behind the brand.


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The Social Life: Minimum is uber-cool, the perfect juxtaposition between contemporary and urban high street.  How does this compare to when the label first launched in 1997?

Peder Tang: When we started back in 1997, we were much younger, and thought we had to conquer by design. It was much more experimental. Miu Miu menswear was basic in comparison, but we got older and the market evolved during the years; always with an edgy angle on “all over trends” as well as more urban and regional trends.

TSL: What provoked you to start a women’s collection in 2007?

PT: One of the sales reps during lunchtime suggested it to me, and from that idea became a collection. It didn’t take long at all before we were in production.


TSL: Where do you picture the ‘Minimum’ girl or boy wearing their ideal minimum outfit?

PT: The spectrum is broad, and the collections offer many options: Studying and working, exploring and living. It would be easy to say they would be wearing the collection in a city or urban location like a cafe or club, but I really hope and believe we can picture them in their own situation, making the collection their own.

TSL: How does your day-to-day life translate into your collections, for example, where do you go to most for inspiration?

We find inspiration in our everyday life combined with trends, market feedback, and simple people watching.


TSL: What made you decide to break into the Canadian market? Will you be expanding into the USA anytime soon?

PT: Throughout the last five years, Minimum experienced tremendous growth in the European market. Through participation at the Bread & Butter tradeshow in Berlin, we received a lot of attention from Canadian retailers, agents, and distributors. At first we were very flattered, but once we started getting serious and analyzing the quality of people contacting us, we began to see the real business potential. We ended up with a partnership with Timebomb Distribution in Canada, with whom we shared many mutual ideas (Garret Louie — Timebomb Co-Owner and I even share the same birthday).

As for the USA question, we see a huge market and potential, but also very different. For sure our decision will be more calculated than when we started the female collection back in 1997.




The Union, Copenhagen, Denmark

“When traveling we see many places and like to grab a cold beer after work and talk to new faces. The location could be Hong Kong, Vancouver, Paris, New York… it is not important.”


”Bistro 65.”

“It has great food, people and relaxing atmosphere.”


“For the time being there is something about Paris. I don’t really know what, I think it is the mix-up of things. And the Antwerp is a hidden jewel!”

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