By Joshua Langston


That time of year is quickly approaching where Vancouver celebrates Eco Fashion Week at Robson Square. Eco Fashion Week is becoming a household name is the fashion community and creating a platform for eco-aware designers and practices. Each season what I look forward to most is the Thrift-Chic Challenge presented by Value Village. Three designers are selected anf given a budget to create fresh off the runway looks with items exclusively off the racks at Value Village. This year they have selected ten finalists and have left it up to Value Village, Fashion Canada’s Western Editor Joy Pecknold and the public to decide who gets to rock the runway in the challenge.

Within the mix of ten designers there are two stand outs that we are hoping to make the final cut this season, Ghazal Elhaei and Dominique Hanke.


Milliner and stylist Dominique Hanke has been a regular fixture of the Vancouver fashion scene for the past two and a half years. Originally from Kinver, a small village in England, she has been living in Vancouver since early 2007. Fashion has played a huge role in her life from a very young age. As a child she spent many hours dressing up in her mom’s closets, trying on silk and lace and willing stiletto heels to fit, or designing fantastical outfits in her bedroom and dreaming of one day opening her own fashion house. After studying Architecture for 3 years, Dominique went back to her fashion roots creating her Vancouver-based millinery business, Hive Mind Millinery, in 2011. She soon began branching out into styling runway and fashion editorials and has been published in multiple magazines. She is also regularly brought in to create style guides and street style segments for several publications and was recently made the Creative Director at Assignment Fashion.

Sample of her portfolio



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 Ghazal Elhaei, who studied at Blanche MacDonald, is a Vancouver-based, international creative that specializes in fashion and music. Her talents extend from writing, editing, photography to styling, creative direction and branding. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of ONE1ONE Magazine, and freelances as a creative consultant to some of the top designers, brands and personalities. We have been following Ghazals career for a while now, and one thing is for sure, there’s nothing she can’t do. She has been making waves not only in Vancouver, but in London, attending some of the most sought after shows of LFW. When she’s not being photographed in all her sartorial glory, she can be found sourcing out the hottest new talents in the music industry, and interviewing musicians you didn’t realize you were obsessed with yet. Ghazal is also an incredible stylist and creative director, collaborating with some of Vancouver’s best creative talent.

O1O Summer Young and Beautiful3

Check out more of Ghazal’s work at One1One Magazine

<<To Vote for Ghazal to be selected for the Thrift Chic Challenge Contest presented by Value Village, click here and like her photo on Facebook!>>

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