By Joshua Langston

Raul Lopez is not just another designer with a heartfelt back story, he is an inspiration. He is one of the co-founders of “Hood by Air”, which he left to start up his own line. His line is currently carried exclusively at Opening Ceremony, along side some of the biggest names and fastest up-and-coming designers in fashion today.

With 4 successful seasons behind him under his own line, his latest collection for SS15 will be taking a much more personal approach. Raul is delving into his teen years, and taking us back to what it was like for him in high school. It wasn’t your average high school filled with vapid cheerleaders and glee clubs, his school was a lot tougher than most, and his most important class was on how to survive it all.

“The scariest era of my life was my freshman year in high school. Thrown into one of the toughest schools in the city, I was instantly face to face with many different nationalities, and the gangs they affiliated themselves with. There were gang members of all ethnicities; black, brown and white, and they each had their own dress code, a way of expressing their affiliations without saying a word. School was a constant source of anxiety, with fighting and turf wars going on everyday. The only exception to this rule was the common area, the “T”, where everyone would hang out and get along”

It’s through times of great adversity that we are forced to make big decisions that will impact our lives. Now he’s using this rough upbringing to inspire his latest collection for SS15, which will be shown during NYFW on September 10th. The collection will surely inspire, with his creative take on innovation that we have seen prevelant in his previous collections.

Check out a few of the looks from his FW14 collection which should hopefully tide you over until he shows in less than 2 weeks time.


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