June (the official month of Pride) may be over, but we sure as hell aren’t done talking about it! This week our guest contributor Nathan Parker gives us an inside look from the Pride celebrations of New York City. -TSL


By Nathan Parker

New York City does things to me on any given weekend, and this past one was no exception. I am still reeling with pure enjoyment from NYC pride.  There was something for everyone (not just the dancing shirtless men): Music, venues, history, weather, looks, love!  The official events for NYC Pride are organized by our dear friend Chris Frederick.

The 2012 Pride festival marked  the first anniversary of gay marriage in NYC.  The Empire State building was lit up like a pride flag to mark the occasion and welcome all the visitors to the city. Wonderful!


This year included a family movie night on The Pier where people of all sorts watched Willy Wanka as the sun went down over the city, a brunch on the Mondrian rooftop during the week, the parade and the new dance on The Pier and numerous music and dance events all over the city.

The Dance at The Pier

Chris, the managing director for NYC Pride, had the challenge this year with having to change the venue for this historical event.  Everyone was a little skeptical with The Pier dance moving to an indoor venue, but that hesitation was quickly squashed.  The event was a smashing success with the community coming out in droves (approx. 7000 people).  Chris knocked everyone’s expectation out of the park!  Cyndi Lauper, the 2012 Grand Marshall for the 2012 NYC Pride Parade, performed a short and sweet set complete with an acapella version of ‘True Colours’.  The Pier dance is a true celebration of the community that brings people together.

Peep Show at Roseland Ballroom

Madness ensued at the Roseland Ballroom Saturday night as our favorite DJ Offer Nissim spun a party with DJs Peter Rauhofer and Isaac Escalante.  The night was so busy, magical, nostalgic and almost too much fun.  Is that possible?


Alegria is an iconic NYC party that is known for the unique decore they bring in for each of their events. This year it was held at Webster Hall, an amazing venue with five different rooms to dance in featuring three DJs playing amoung the different spaces. The dance floor was burning up, both figuratively and literally, but the music was so good you could not leave, not even for a breath of fresh air!  A special shout out to Danny Verde who had one of the best sets of music we have heard in ages. We can’t wait to see him again at Rapture: Gotham by TFD Presents for Vancouver Pride on August 5.

VIP Hudson Rooftop Terrace Party

What could possibly be better than a rooftop party at an amazing hotel, in the heart of the city, with crazy antics, pool toys, drinks, dancing and Russell of Freemasons on deck???  [insert breathing here] I can’t think of anything, can you?

In summary, NYC Pride was beyond my expectations.  If you have never been to the city for Pride Weekend, I suggest getting out your 2013 calendars now!  Until next time…

-Nathan Parker of Gypsy Travel

Photo credits: JJ Mack Photography