By Joshua Langston

I’m so thankful we didn’t have to wait until february to take a peek on the new direction at Moschino. In October, I told you that Jeremy Scott would be taking over as Creative Director for Moschino. For this collection Jeremy put his own spin on a few of the signatures Moschino is known for. Gold chain details were not just on bags this season but also used in  other applications, like around the pockets or down the side seams of pants. Collarless jackets  were less than demure, shown in pops of lime, sky blue and red. There were a few moments that stood out in this already exceptional collection. The Trench coat with the slip sewn down the front could force Mona Lisa to smile. The knee-length Varisty Jacket will definitely be seen on the likes of Rihanna or Azealea Banks in no time, unless I can get my hands on it first. The oversized boxy T-shirt that says “I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR TODAY SO I PUT ON THIS DESIGNER T-SHIRT” is surely going to be eaten up by all the street style bloggers this spring. The bags from this collection were one of the most exciting things we were shown. From the “quilted leather collarless jacket bag” with gold chain detailing, to the “Biker jacket bag” the accessories for Pre-Fall are truly remarkable. Considering this is our first sneak peek into what Jeremy Scott is planning with Moschino, I’ll state the obvious and say that they have the right man for the job.

MoschinoPF21 MoschinoPF19 MoschinoPF5 MoschinoPF15 10 MoschinoPF4A MoschinoPF17 MoschinoPF7 MoschinoPFjacketbag

“I don’t think I could’ve found a more rebellious brand than Moschino if I tried. It’s so irreverent, things Franco did and things the brand’s continued to do in his name. It’s perfect.” – Jeremy Scott on being able to remain fashionably rebellious at MOSCHINO, via

Check out the full collection in the gallery below.

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