By Joshua Langston

Jeremy Scott is the best thing to happen to Moschino since Franco Moschino was at the helm of the brand. He holds the same core values that the Moschino brand was, and with this collection he has proven those values will be preserved. We got a taste of what Jeremy Scott was going to be bringing to Moschino during his Pre Fall Collection for the label, and he left us anticipating this collection ever since. Moschino as a brand has always pushed the envelope with their vision, creating thought provoking clothes that not only warrant a second glance, but a deeper appreciation for it’s witty take on iconography. This collection was centered around Moschino-ized versions of iconic brands and logos, an integral part of Moschino’s DNA.

Fast food chain Macdonalds got the Coco treatment with iconic Chanel pieces transformed into fast-food-couture. From quilted versions of the classic Chanel bag in red and yellow, complete with red and yellow chain strap, to the golden arches tweaked to create one of Moschino’s signatures, a heart. One of my favourite pieces from this section of the show would be the “Happy Meal” cross body chain strap bag, it had such a sense of humour about it. Classic Chanel quilting techniques like we see on their handbags were also used on pants, dresses and jackets.

There also was a section that paid homage to one of Moschino’s quintessential pieces, their leather branded belt, with gold hardware.  It was repurposed to create entire dresses, badass harnesses and boot straps. The last set of looks you literally wanted to sink your teeth into. Junk food packaging from Hersheys chocolate to Cheetos and Budweiser beer were blown up to create incredible gowns. To keep with the theme of the show the last look, his wedding dress moment was a “Nutritional facts” label, worn by Lindsey Wixon.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to this collection, ba da da da daaa I’m Lovin’ it. I can’t wait to see where he takes it next season.

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