EUR Sam and Nick Moathouse eyewear


 Name: Sam Clarke (Mrs) & Nick Clarke (Mr)

Title: Lord & Lady 😉

Twitter: @moathouseeyes  Instagram: @moathouseeyes

What’s your secret dream job?

SC: Does it sound rubbish to say I am living my dream right now? I have always wanted to work with wood as I think it’s the most beautiful material around. I also love fashion and am stoked to see people wearing our eyewear and looking so good in it. Nick and I have also wanted to organize music festivals full time. Two years ago we organized a three day music festival for a charity close to our hearts. It was such a challenge but so incredibly rewarding.

 NC: I’ve always had an obsession with aircrafts so I’d have to say a pilot.


Which famous person (alive or dead) do you turn to for inspiration?

SC: My grandmother has always been the person I aspire to be like, she was incredibly humorous. Right up until the the day she died she knew who was who  in showbiz and what young people should be wearing! She was incredibly selfless, a rare gift in this material world. She was born in Germany and met my grandfather towards the end of WW2.  She had such an amazing gift of wisdom, fashion, and kindness and was always confident I was capable of big things.

NC: Mick Jagger, he is still rocking it at Glastonbury and he’s almost 70 years old.

If you could fly anywhere, where would you go this weekend and who would you bring with you?

SC: I’d go to Vancouver of course! Desperate to come over and see the city which has everything ; mountains,skylines,beaches, and inspiring people! It’s on my list of “things to do before I’m 40”!

NC: A short break to Italy with Sam would be nice. We both enjoy a good bottle of wine, Italian food, style, and sunshine. Italy has it all!


At what restaurant did you last eat your favorite meal?

SC: Novikov, a stylish restaurant in Mayfair. I love it here because they serve two of my favorite foods, Asian and Italian. My idea of heaven!

NC: Thai Gallery in Worcester. They do the best Thai food ever. Everything in there is authentic, they bring everything over from Thailand!

Where is your favorite place to unwind and have an early evening cocktail?

SC/NC: We live in a typically English country village so we are short on cocktail bars, but on a sunny evening after work we like to sit in the beer garden of the Crown Inn. Although we often throw a cocktail party ourselves. Everybody has to properly glam up to attend, the music is always in keeping with the theme and we make cocktails to die for!


What’s the one item in your closet you could never live without?

SC: Agent Provocateur lingerie, I am a curvy lady and need the best support!

NC: Birkenstock sandals, my old faithfuls.

What do you ALWAYS have to bring with you when you travel?

SC: My camera. I love snapping away and reminiscing when I am back to the grind.

NC: A copy of the Viz Magazine for the journey. Side splitting, outrageous British humour!

  • Looking fabulous, stylish and relaxed. Love them.