By Viranlly Liemena

Menswear and Viranlly have really been something that goes hand in hand, at least here at the social life. But couple weeks ago, my involvement in the (Vancouver’s) menswear world was taken to another level when Josh asked me to be a part of Vancouver MFW and naturally, I said yes.  Apparently, this time, “being a part of” was more than just showing up to shows and taking pictures, I was actually A PART of the men’s fashion week festivities. I was privileged (and challenged) to forecast the spring/summer 2014 trends.



Excited? Absolutely! But more than that, I was a little terrified knowing that this was something that I had never done before. I also decided to present this with the help of actual models, wearing actual clothes, which made this whole thing a tad more complicated and basically doubled the work. Thank goodness I had fantastic people supporting and helping me.

Adam Welch - Founder and Creative Director of Doberman Menswear

Adam Welch – Founder and Creative Director of Doberman Menswear


The research: I (kinda) always knew what I wanted to talk about for the s/s 2014 trends since well, the second the men’s fashion week  shows wrapped a couple months ago. This was not the hardest part, really. I did however forget the fact that I was in Vancouver, and I clearly am not Miranda Priestly who could just call Donatella and ask for her jet if I need to. That being said, getting the actual clothes for the presentation was a whole other story. Props to Boys Co. , the official sponsor of the event, they made my life that much easier with the selections of merchandise they have in their Robson St. location.


Outfits were chosen and the models were contacted, or at least that’s what I thought. In reality, until 36 hours before the show, I only had one model confirmed to wear 4 outfits and that was quite far from an ideal situation, my ideal situation. Again, thanks to the men’s fashion week team, everything was taken care of promptly.


Now the actual presentation part.  Heaven knew how nervous I was about this, since the last time I spoke in front of this many people was during my final project presentation, talking about some oil and gas issue and what not, for maybe three minutes. A glass of water, couple deep breaths and countless “You’ve got to calm down” later, I took the stage and presented my point of view for next spring. Here’s a snapshot of the trends that I talked about that night:


The White Noise – Yes, wearing white can be chic, cool, and acceptable. With the right textures and fit, you will not look like your dentist in all white.


Prints Charming – Designers went all out in their pattern plays for next season. From the classic floral,  clashing stripes, and the geometric. This time really, more is more.


50 Shades of Blue – Zaffre, Ultramarine, Tiffany, Cerulean, Azure, Indigo, Turquoise, Majorelle you name it.


Romantic Monochromatic – Color blocking had it moments as a trend and it’s safe to say it’s a classic now, but there’d be no better time wearing monochromatic looks than next spring.


At the end the presentation went really well, and so far I heard nothing but great feedback (Let’s just keep it that way). I would like to thank Boy’s Co for being kind enough with the clothing supplies, and the team at Men’s fashion week for letting me be a part of this event.

Until next time, V

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