by Anna T Fabulous

PEOPLE: Tommy D, Del Stamp, Kiki Lawhore, Raye Sunshine, Kristina Kash

PLACES: Celebrities Nightclub

THINGS: Liberace Thursday Launch Party

I want to start this post (and this week) off by saying a huge thank you to my friends and the GLBT community of Vancouver.  As of yesterday, I have been back in Vancouver for a solid month now.  It has been unreal.  I have been overwhelmed with love and support and the biggest WELCOME BACK that I could ever ask for, especially within the gay community.  There are no words to express my gratitude for all the support of my return and the true excitement that I see within the scene.  You have all made the difficult transition out of San Francisco very easy.  Vancity is something extremely special.

So Much Tran: Kristina Kash, Anna T Fabulous, Raye Sunshine, Kiki Lawhore

Liberace 16

Last week the legendary Celebrities Nightclub reopened its doors after a couple months of extreme renovations.  Although this reno was long overdue, I couldn’t help but be a little nervous about the change.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my friends and I have twirled (and swirled) around the sweaty dance floor in the past (Kelis ‘Bossy’ Scumfrog Remix Summer of 2007 anyone?).  Messing with history can be a scary thing.

But alas, my fears were lifted once the Trantourage and I arrived at the SCENE that was the launch party of Liberace Thursday.  Holy shit did the place ever get a facelift, and it was tighter than Catherine Zeta-Jones forehead at the Academy Awards.  Trippy, smooth, taut and flawless.  The lights on the ceiling are magical, you can feel the Funktion One sound system in your throat and who doesn’t love white, shiny and lacquered counter tops.  It looks like a scene from Vegas or the Kardashian’s living room.  I was living.

Trantourage for the night: Jay, Patrick & Derek

Liberace 20

Getting ready…Liberace 8The Liberace Look: top- petty coat from eBay, pants- H&M via Jay, shoes- Steve Madden, clutch- Anna Dello Russo for H&MLiberace 2The Support System & Hairstylist: JayLiberace 12

Now let’s just get one thing clear: Celebrities Nightclub is primarily a straight club.  Blueprint has done an insanely stellar job of bringing the club to where it is now.  It makes complete sense and it actually is not a bad thing. Why?  LIBERACE THURSDAYS.  That’s why.

 Yes, that’s right!  The scene has got their Thursday back, except we’ve traded our boys in showers (ohhhh bless the days of The Odyssey) for boys, trans & chicas in feathers, sparkles, looks, heels, tulle and diamonds.  Last week was the kick off, and it was fucking fabulous.  If Celebrities is going to go gay for a night, it might as well be ALL or nothing, and last Thursday was everything.

The Liberace Launch was perfection.  SO many peeps came out to support and dance, and the entertainment did not end.   Tyrell Witherspoon did a high energy performance of a few of his songs with a full set of backup dancers;  Vancouver is such a tough city to stay motivated in, and the support is not always there, but Tyrell clearly proved otherwise.  It’s inspiring to see someone work so hard to persue their dreams.  Kill it T!!

The Wife and The Wife

Liberace 10

Liberace Launch DJ, Sir Del StampLiberace 21

Tyrell on stage

Liberace 19

Each week Liberace Thursday will feature rotating local DJs (Del Stamp, Lisa Deluxe & Zach Shore), guest DJs (like Toronto’s Dekoze this Thursday!) and various hosts (including myself every once in a while) to tickle your fancy, look fabulous and click a photo for Instagram.

This is only the beginning of something new.  Vancouver, it’s up to US to keep something like this so fun and fresh, so let’s PLAY and get GAY.  Liberace is watching all of us from his vanity table up in heaven.

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