by Anna T Fabulous

Photos: Eco Fashion Week

MY DAY 1 LOOK:  jacket: Wilfred, denim shirt: Tna, shirt: BY POST STREET, pants: JBrand, shoes: Adidas, bag: Celine.

Eco Fashion Week 1

This week the Team and I had the pleasure of attending Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week, fronted by Myriam Laroche and an incredible team supported the eco-fashion and eco-lifestyle.

Now I’ll be honest, the term ‘Eco’ can be perceived as a bit, well… boring and granola.  I know this because that was EXACTLY my pre-determined story going into this week of style.  Now before you begin with all of YOUR stories in your head about the word ECO, let me tell you this: Eco Fashion Week Vancouver blew my brains right out of the water.  It was unreal and with the lack of a better word, completely magical.

First, the production.  Flawless!  Live-streaming of shows, timely schedule,  SOLID and tight team, on point PR, interviews were conducted professionally, every designer was accessible and from the vendors, to the sponsors to the PR ushers, everyone knew their shit.  Any question I had was always answered, be it in person or via email (Ashleigh Said, you are my homegirl).  Are we in New York?

Second, the location.  Eco Fashion Week was hosted at the bottom of the steps of Robson Square at the Art Gallery.  Photographers, bloggers and on lookers mingled about on the steps.  The media wall was always set up and ready for a (fabulous photo).  No photoshop required.  There was just enough ‘street style’ buzz to make it exciting, but not so much that it took away from the real reason we were all there: to support Eco-Fashion and Eco-Awareness.  Again, are we in New York?

Third, THE PEOPLE.  Omg.  I have never met so many incredible, authentic and geniune people in such a short period of time in Vancouver in my LIFE.  The warmth of the particiants was unreal, be it deisgner, media or EFW worker.  I have never felt such passion and openness since living in my beloved San Francisco or being in NYC.  Friendships were created, soildified and hightened.  Like….for real.  Are we in New York??

TEAM TSL: Anna, Josh & Viranlly

Eco Fashion Week 2

All ‘are-we-in-NYC’ jokes aside, the reality was (and is) that we are in VANCOUVER.  The essence of the city was demonstrated at its full capacity this week.  Thank you to all I met and to all who worked and are working so hard to bring Vancouver up to that next level.  One day NYCers will be asking: “Are we in Vancouver??”


Josh & I

MY DAY 2 LOOK: blazer- Nasty Gal, top: Theysken’s Theory,pants: T. Babaton, bag: Celine, shoes: Army & Navy

Eco Fashion Week 5 Josh, Natasha & IEco Fashion Week 3TSL Boys Viranlly & Joshua!Eco Fashion Week 4Amy Yew, Joshua and I

MY DAY 3 LOOK: blazer – Wilfred, top – Versace (mens), skirt – H&M, shoes – Betsey JohnsonEco Fashion Week 6 The crew! Dominique Hank, Amy Yew, Nicolette Lang-Anderson, me, Joshua LangstonEco Fashion Week 7