By Joshua Langston

Photos by Joshua Langston and Martina Kiridzija



“Katya Leonovich, her designs are really well constructed and we wanted to to make sure we translated that into the hair as well. We are doing a modern take on a ponytail, we wanted to have that same kind of construction there. There’s also a 60’s feeling but obviously mixed with a modern, futuristic thing. It’s a double ponytail thats been divided at the top of the ear and up, and one at the bottom and just bring it back together with like a chignon ponytail ball” – Charlie Price and Ron Lopez for El Salon

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The inspiration we decided to, “did you see the clothes?”, very colourful and there’s 3D details on the clothes. Originally she wanted very colourful make up, but I thought it would take away from the clothing, so we decided to be very dewy, clean, and we wanted to make the eyes pop. We used three different kinds of glitter, and in the glitter there is little stars which with the lights will be amazing. – Ido Raphael Zadok at Factory Downtown

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We caught up with Katya before her show for a short interview:

Joshua: Is there any differences in your design process when looking to design a spring collection VS a fall collection?

Katya: It doesn’t really change, I see what fabric is available to me. In the spring I choose lighter colours and fabrics, and in the fall darker and heavier fabrics.

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Joshua: This season I see you have decided to use 3D printing, were there any challenges you faced using such a new technology?

Katya: I wanted to try and find something different and find different ways to embellish the collection. At first the 3D materials were way too stiff and it was hard to make it as flexible as I wanted, it also was too heavy. We kept altering the process and we were able to make it much more flexible and lightweight. You can even wash it in the washing machine!


Joshua: You have dressed a bunch of celebrities and musical artists lately including Iggy Azalea and Carrie Underwood, is there any celebrity you are dying to get into your designs?

Katya: Kate Winslet is very classy and beautiful and I love her face and intelligence. I love to dress intelligent women. I also really like Sienna Miller from Factory Girl.


Joshua: where do you see your line going in the next 5 years?

Katya: I would like to expand into more boutiques and try and convince other buyers from larger stores that may already carry big name designers like Dior, to take a chance and carry my line.

Joshua: What advice would you give to young designers trying to make it in the business?

Katya: Don’t be lazy.


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