By Joshua Langston

Photos by Viranlly Liemena


Nothing says summer better than a crisp glass of wine and delicious food with friends. When Jules Bistro invited us to kick off summer with them, I was happy to throw on a good shoe and head down. I used to live in Gastown and truthfully had never been to Jules Bistro, which is tucked away just off Water st. Upon entering the beautiful space I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t been before.


There was an old world charm about the room, from the antique looking lighting sconces to the graphic tiled floor. This little french bistro had so much character to it, every time you scan your eyes across the room there is something different to be found. The bar is beautifully lit and features a simple sign that says “Bar” in a beautiful script font. There is also a private room in the back with a single table, perfect for an intimate dinner or business meeting.


They were serving Garry Oaks wine, which is located on Salt Spring Island, and various little snacks and bites. I loved the little slider burgers they were serving, however you need about 3 napkins to eat it because it’s literally bursting with flavours.


If you’re ever walking through Gastown and looking to try something different, check out Jules Bistro.


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