Jillian Crago created Gold Lemon to be a multi faceted company, creating and building a strong team of individuals that all have unique strengths. Their mission is to always go above and beyond for each client whether it is one of their fashion accounts, a restaurant, or even a school.  “It’s about staying relevant for us, doing things differently and adding our own unique flare while still keep with our clients image, branding and goals.”

Gold Lemon was created from Jillian’s blog slogan: When life gives you lemons paint them gold. “There’s a fun element to it but behind it I literally mean – any project, task, or goal you give us we’re going to develop it, build it, and create a strong, successful, & profitable result.”


Now based out of Vancouver BC, we sat down for a quick chat with Jillian to dig deeper on the inspiration behind Gold Lemon.


The Social Life: Where are you from originally and when did you start Gold Lemon Creative?

Jillian Crago: “I’m from Cranbrook, BC and started Gold Lemon Creative in Spring 2012.”

TSL: What inspired you to help others build their brands through social media and start Gold Lemon Creative?

JC: “I was at a cross road in my life and Gold Lemon literally snuck up out of no where. Social Media is an outlet that combines many of my strengths, experiences, and creativity so it seemed really natural.”

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TSL: As someone who is so passionate and connected to all avenues of Social Media, is there one channel in particular that is your favourite?

JC: “I’m addicted to Pinterest, it never seems like work.”

TSL: Do you have any crazy, amazing or inspiring stories or connections that were made possible because of your social media outlet and outreach?”

JC: “Amazing connections and new relationships are built everyday online or are constantly a work in progress. As a whole it never ceases to amaze me the people you can reach out to and connect with on a daily basis.”

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PEOPLE: Any early influencers and game changers.

PLACE TO EAT: Chambar, Vancouver [562 Beatty St] 

PLACE TO GRAB A DRINK: Flying Pig Bar, Vancouver [1168 Hamilton St]

PLACE TO SHOP: Soho District, New York City

LATEST PURCHASE: Blue suede-driving shoes


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Photo credits: Jillian Crago, Gold Lemon Creative, Framework Magazine