By Joshua Langston
Photos by Martina Kiridzija

Before seeing Jay Godfrey present his FW15 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, we got to take a peek backstage. Find out more about the Hair and Makeup and read our interview with Jay Godfrey below. He is one of the nicest and most sincere people we have had the pleasure of interviewing.


Makeup Inspiration:
It’s based off a classic 60’s eye with a modern spin on it. Instead of using matte blacks and greys like you would normally see, we opted for a brown/mahogany colour with a bit of a shimmer and then we did a soft wing on the outside edge. The skin is very natural, dewy and fresh skin with a tiny bit of contour at the base where the hair is. We are keeping the lips a natural nude colour so the eye is the focus with all the drama. – Anne Kohlhagen for Cozzette & Beauty Blender

IMG_4517IMG_4521IMG_4528 IMG_4533

Hair Inspiration:
It’s a plain, timeless groomed ponytail. We used a blow dry spray from Redken as a primer, a lot of people use it while it’s wet, but we used it on the hair after it had been dried and flat-ironed. It gives it the shine without being oily or high sheen, it’s more of a healthy polished glow as opposed to a very reflective shine. It’s not crunchy or not greasy, it’s perfect. This is a very accessible look that everyone can achieve. – Charlie Price from The Beauty Underground Artistic Team

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INTERVIEW with Jay Godfrey:

JL: What was the inspiration for this collection?
JG: This was a collection inspired by Savile Row tailoring but also a view of what we have done as a brand over the years. We started the brand as a sexy tailoring brand, and evolved into doing much more of what we are known for which is sexy dresses for the red carpet and the next generation of stars. This collection is the most personal to date as it merges those two worlds together.

JL: Were their any difficulties found along the way or new techniques that you worked with this season?
JG: Every season is a experimentation, and I have one of the best teams in the business so challenges or not, it’s fun.

JL: Surround yourself with good people and incredible things happen?
JG: Absolutely!IMG_4539

JL: Who is the Jay Godfrey woman and does she change season to season or are their traits that transcend seasons?
JG: She has one foot uptown and one foot downtown. She is extremely confident and loves to be fashion-forward without looking ridiculous. She loves the idea of colour and is not afraid of it, but she also wants  to be noticed. There’s a bit of a rebellious streak but not crazy, and she has a rock & roll heart.
JL: You have dressed everyone from Latin beauties like Jennifer Lopez and Dash Polenco to starlets like Emma Stone. Any celebrities you are dying to dress?
JG: Not really. It’s great when a celebrity wears your dress and I am grateful for their support but I like it when real women wear it, for me that is the ultimate celebrity.

JL: You started off working with the great Oscar de le Renta, who recently passed away. What was the best piece of advice Oscar gave you?
JG: He was more about showing, than saying. He taught me what beautiful fabric was, how quality matters, where to get the best things in the  market produced. I was very grateful for that.


JL: With 6 years under your belt in this industry, what has been the most challenging part of your career to date?
JG: I consider myself so lucky, I mean if I had to pick one challenge it would be balancing the left brain and right brain. I’m a former investment banker, and I constantly have the right brain working, but I prefer to use the left.

JL: Where does your design process start?
JG: Usually on a beach. I start there my mind is clear and I think about things untethered, and I start making notes in my phone.IMG_4534

JL: Was there a distinct point in your career so far that confirmed that you are doing exactly what you should be doing?
JG: Very early on my wife and I were at a bar and she was wearing one of my dresses, and we saw a real human being across the bar wearing the exact same dress! So I went up to her and said “That’s a really beautiful dress, I designed it”. To which she responded “Your fucking with me” and I was like “No, really I did, I’m Jay Godfrey”. That was when I felt that maybe I made the right decision.

JL: What is one of the biggest trends of faux pas that you are seeing in fashion currently?JG: I’m loving these longer lengths, it used to mean that to be sexy you had to let it all hang out. I’m kind of liking a little more coverage, an intellectual sexiness.
JL: What are 3 pieces every fashion girl needs to have in her wardrobe?
JG: Great Questions. Lets start with nude pumps, they go with everything and makes everyone look taller. Spanx. A killer statement necklace. When all else fails you can wear a black t-shirt, denim, a pair of heels and that statement necklace can take your outfit to the stratosphere.
JL: What advice would you give to a young designer trying to make it in this industry?
JG: Do what you do best, if you are a great dress designer, a great tailor or a mens designer stick to what you do, you can’t be everything to everybody.
JL: In 2012 you designed a collection with Cintas for the hospitality sector, what inspired that collection?
JG: I love travel and designers hadn’t done anything significant in the unfiorm world for great hotels. When W Hotels approached me I was delighted to be a part of it from a brand perspective, but also we got to dip or toes into menswear a little, and it’s been a very successful project.

JL: What’s next for Jay Godfrey?
JG: As a brand we are evolving in a different direction then most fashion companies do. Our next foray is not going to be handbags and shoes, we’ve already started designing interiors, which for me is a very natural progression from this world. We have been lucky enough to be retained by a hotel company across Asia and so far we have designed for two great hotels there, and we have a bunch more in the pipeline so I am grateful for that.

Quickfire Questions:
JL: Salty or Sweet?
JG: Salty.
JL: Late nights or Early mornings?
JG: Both.
JL: Summer or Fall?
JG: Summer.
JL: Beach or Mountains?
JG: Beach
JL: Betty or Veronica?
JG: Both.
JL: Dress Shoes or Sneakers?
JG: Dress Shoes.
JL: Have you considered designing menswear?
JG: Yes.
JL: What is one of your biggest vices?
JG: Coffee
JL: What is something a out you no one knows?
JG: I play A LOT of Candy Crush
JL: There aren’t many days off in fashion, but what would you do if you could do anything for a day off?
JG: Go to Bali.
JL: What’s currently on your iPod that you can’t get enough of?
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