Jason WuJason Wu

By. Viranlly

The essence of Jason Wu’s latest show really is about showcasing femininity in different ways. He also tried to bring out the other sides of his design by creating looks that are very ease and unstructured while still keeping the element of elegance and glamour.


Jw2The powerful workingwomen of the 1990s grace the runway from start to finish, wearing combination of shimmery dresses, silk parkas and safari jackets, jumpsuits and nightgowns. Compared to his past collections, a very little amount of heavy tailoring is seen on the runway. Everything flows and moves so gracefully, giving that effortlessly sexy and sophisticated silhouette throughout the show.

Jason Wu

The color palette goes from soft and settled ivory, beige and light gray, to a very deep midnight blue and black, with a touch of gradually darkened sage green in between. It is definitely, one of the most relaxing and sophisticated collections that Wu has done to date.

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