By Joshua Langston

Photos by Viranlly


One of the most important factors in the finding the perfect suit is the fit. It’s easy to go into a store and find a suit off the rack that fits, but more often than not it needs to be tailored. With custom made to measure suits normally being way out of a comfortable price range for most people, we settle. Thankfully Vancouver has been put on the Map with Indochino and their luxurious yet affordable made to measure suits.


Indochino returned to where it all began, Vancouver, for their event “Suit up like a Canuck” in partnership with another group of local heros, The Vancouver Canucks. Located at the iconic Jameson House (848 W. Hastings), this latest stop on their travelling tailor event was their 15th stop since their launch event in Vancouver in November 2011.


“Indochino is all about helping guys look and feel great. Partnering with the Vancouver Canucks is another way to give our customers exceptional treatment,” explains Kyle Vucko, Indochino Co-Founder and CEO. “We’ve always been proud of our West Coast roots and knew that we wanted to make our homecoming a unique experience.”

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●      Indochino suits and shirts are custom-made to order.

●      Indochino suits have 6 standard and 14 advanced customizations.

●      Indochino shirts have 4 standard and 4 advanced customizations.

●      Indochino custom suits start at $449.

●      Indochino custom shirts start at $79.

●      Shop Indochino from your desktop, mobile or tablet, or visit a Traveling Tailor pop-up store.

●      Indochino offers free shipping worldwide.


One of the best parts about attending their pop up was getting the chance to actually feel the fabrics. I took the chance to get my measurements taken while I was at the event and I was surprised how easy it was.


I had the pleasure of being measured up by Chris, the process was quick and what was great was that they record all the sizes into your Indochino profile for you. You can then select the fabrics at the event and then they will begin fabricating your suit. You can also go onto their website, log in and shop with all your sizes already in the system, you can order additional suits online, made to measure.

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Thank you Indochino for such a fantastic event and teaching me a thing or two (or six) on mens suiting. I know that my next suit will be from indochino , and now that I’m all sized up, it’s only a few clicks away.


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