By Joshua Langston

When it comes to Idan Cohen, fashion has always been in the blood. Born in Tel Aviv, his family owns a denim line and as a child he would spend time in the factory, where he would eventually take over as creative director. He studied at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni back in 2011, where he further developed his craft and found his passion for evening wear and bridal. Now with 3 years under his belt, he has become one of the biggest and most respected designers in Tel Aviv.

Previous to his showing at Lincoln Center, Idan Cohen got married to his partner on the runway. After the nuptials the venue began to fill, with most of the attendees unaware of what had just happened.

When the lights came up on the runway, we were treated to sounds by The Misshapes. Look after look the level of handwork and craftsmanship became evident. There was a lot of play with sheerness and illusion, like the black sheer gown with sequinned insets that made a chevron pattern up the front of the dress. Another stand out was his hand embroidered finale dress in a rich gold. Where Idan proved to be strongest was in his placement of cutouts, finding the right balance between skin, sheer and sparkle. Beyond all of the stunning red carpet gown moments, Idan also gave us some cocktail length dresses and even a body suit within the collection. With such an attention to detail, thoughtfulness and restraint, it will be interesting to see how he develops in the coming seasons.

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