by Joshua Langston

PEOPLE: Prabal Gurung and Onward Kashiyama

PLACES: Lincoln Centre, New York

THINGS: ICB by Prabal Gurung

The power of Twitter is undeniable. When I started writing this article, I looked back at my relationship with Twitter: from the people I “follow” and their daily normal (or in some cases not so “normal”) routines, the people that I have met from around the world and more interestingly, the way that brands are use Twitter to develop their voice. It’s almost embarrassing how often I check my Twitter.

I came across a tweet from ICB about their upcoming show. ICB stands for ‘International Concept Brand’ and is owned by Onward Kashiyama, a Japanese manufacturer, retailer and distributor. This was Prabal Gurung’s first official fashion show as Creative Director of ICB. The tweet gave a link that offered the chance for a seat to the show. At the time, I didn’t think too much of it and figured “what the heck” and I entered the contest.


I was in the midst of preparing for my NYFW trip and I had completely forgotten about the tweet until I received an email from ICB titled ICB Congratulations – Fall13 RUNWAY RSVP. Ummmmmm Excuse me? After re-reading the email to ensure this wasn’t some sort of spam, what I was reading was actually true. I emailed them back and we exchanged info.

Now let’s fast forward to the morning of the show: I was exactly halfway through NYFW, and on my way to the 9am ICB showing (after the Dsquared2 x Interview Magazine party the night before.  Oy vey).  Clutching my hard copy invitation in one hand and coffee in the other, I went into The Studio at Lincoln Centre.


I had a great seat in the section beside the entrance of the runway, 4th row on the side. A couple lovely representatives from ICB popped by my seat to say hello and ensure I and settled in nicely. I chatted up one of the IMG interns because I noticed an empty front row seat in front of me. As politely (and Canadian-ly) as possibly could, I asked her if my camera and I could sit up there to take better photos. As the lights dimmed, she pointed at me and waved me down to my now front row seat. Squeal.  


The first few looks were all about texture. Look 1 was an incredible pattern blocked sweater with bishop sleeves paired with a flared out leather skirt and a fox fur snood. Yes, that’s right, a snood made of fox fur. There was a stunning metallic and leather-oversized jackets paired with the turtleneck of all turtlenecks (they literally touched the bottom of the models earlobes).


(Look 7) There was a slew of lamb skin leather zip belts in this collection that not only acted as a way to cinch in the dresses, but also to change their overall feel. I appreciated how the entire collection was made up of pieces that could all be layered and interchanged quite easily for any customer.

(Look18) The black pull-up leather cropped biker jacket was onto of a long cotton twill vest overtop of a geometric printed dress with opera gloves. I know it sound alike a mouthful but it looked incredible coming down the runway towards me. There was a lot of ease within this collection, it came across not only as cool but also very accessible.

Look 7, Look 18, Look 23 via


The last few looks were all about the color, as we started seeing burgundy, teal, yellow and purple. (Look 23) I loved the black-banded purple blazer, especially styled over the shoulders, with her hands in her pockets. We finished off with some very intricate patchwork of scarf prints paired with sapphire opera gloves.

IMG_2505 IMG_2535 IMG_2549

It’s refreshing to see what a designer is able to do outside of their own namesake labels. While it may not have had the same level of opulence as we have seen from Prabal’s own line, the details, signatures and overall spirit transcended effortlessly. I’m really excited to see what he does next with ICB in the future, it seems that the possibilities are endless.

See, this show just goes to show that you never know what could happen from a single tweet.