Hugo Boss opens in the new wing of Pacific Centre with an ultra modern store mens will WANT to shop at.


By Joshua Langston
Photos Courtesy of Hugo Boss

Pacific Centre has been working on a massive expansion over the last two years to make room for a slew of luxury stores. We attended the opening of the new wing and our first stop was the Hugo Boss Store. This 4500sq foot shopping oasis carries both the BOSS and BOSS Green Collections for Men and Women.

The entrance to the boutique is quite grand with a large double glass door entrance. The interior is very sleek and minimal in it’s aesthetic, which “epitomizes [the] authentic, understated luxury” that BOSS is known for. The store is outfitted with black steel structures and LED strips, which not only enhance the modern look of the store, but also ensures the items are well lit. There is nothing worse than trying to shop in a boutique and you are unable to see the clothes; it seems counter-productive don’t you think?


The mens side of the store has such a comfort and ease to it, from the lay out to the amenities. For the man who knows what he wants, shirtings are expertly organized by colour and size. However, not every guy knows exactly what he wants, which is why Hugo boss is able to tailor their service the same way they tailor their suits. Personal Shopping services are available for those on a time crunch or need a little guidance, wether it’s for a special occasion or a seasonal wardrobe buy. In the back with the mens suiting are also a couple gorgeous leather couches and copies of “The Anatomy of the perfect suit” in case you are in search of some inspiration.


While suiting is a cornerstone of Hugo Boss as a brand, their accessory offerings are some of my favourite pieces. From brogues to oxfords in various colours to a sea of ties in every print, colour and pattern you could imagine. One key piece for the modern man is a great watch, not only to keep punctual, but it really finishes off an outfit. 
_EVA1025Thank you Hugo Boss for having us at your opening, it was a pleasure to check out your beautiful new store and we wish you the best of success.


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