By Joshua Langston

Prepping for the holidays takes a lot of time. From the Christmas shopping to decorating our apartments and houses. On a retail level, this all happens much earlier in the year. A holiday window is how retailers get the consumers into the holiday spirit. When you are one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious luxury shopping institutions, the expectation is high and Holt Renfrew never disappoints. Their holiday windows have become a benchmark in how a holiday window can be made into an inspiring masterpiece of epic creative proportions. It takes a lot more than a single window dresser to make Holt Renfrew’s windows come to life. From the initial creative meetings where inspiration photos are taken from a 2D idea to a 3D installation, to actually creating the custom props that will make up the windows and indoor displays.


“The theme this year is Northern Lights, it’s basically going to be a whimsical forrest with about 6 different scenes, indoor scenes, we mixed a bunch of different propping, interior home stuff. It’s definitely a Santa’s little workshop feel back here, everybody is here to support us with the prop making, lighting, glittering and just sort of helping out.” – Brad Toth [Visual Designer]

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I f you have not yet seen the windows, check out your closest Holt Renfrew and get inspired.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video on how it all comes together below:

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