By Joshua Langston
Photos by Randa Salloum + Joshua Langston

It’s been a busy last couple weeks at The Social Life. I just got back from NYFW, 40 shows several backstage stories and interviews later, I was pretty exhausted. To be honest all I wanted to do was throw on sweatpants, order in some delicious food and get sucked into the Netflix Vortex. As pornographic as that sounded to me at the time, I got an email that changed everything. Land Rover invited Kate Legresley of Vitamin Daily and Marc Smith of  30 Day Adventures, Randa Salloum of and I on an adventure that I could not resist. 

Landrover just released their new Landrover Discovery Sport, and we would be the first people to get to take it for an adventure. Their campaign around the launch titled “HIBERNOT”, was about finding new adventures to take this winter.

We met up at the Delta Suites Hotel at 7am to a light breakfast and some coffee while we went over the itinerary for the day. To make sure we were well dressed for the occasion we each got a black Herschel duffle bag with essentials to get us through the day. For someone that doesn’t own “proper” snow boots, I was stoked to get a pair of Native Shoes Jimmy 2.0 boots [I thought the box was empty because they are that lightweight], and a Fjallraven quilted jacket, A #HIBERNOT toque, “Texting” Gloves, A fleece blanket and hot chocolate sticks you stir in hot water to make hot chocolate.

Now that we were fully equipped, we split between two vehicles, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and a brand new Range Rover Evoque. Randa and I got into the Range Rover Evoque for the way up, with Randa behind the wheel. 


We also had a professional driver from Land Rover with us telling us about all the features during the drive up.  The Evoque is STUNNING. Ours was red with a red and grey leather interior; the sunroof spanned the entire roof of the car. The Evoque also has some impressive features like “rain sensing wipers” [how perfect for Vancouver], TFT Driver Information Centre with a 8 inch LED touchscreen, parking assist, heated steering wheel and a great sound system. We all took turns playing DJ with the bluetooth connection to the sound system from iPhones, there was definitely some Drake playing, obviously.

IMG_1202IMG_1187We took a short break at Porteau Cove to have a little stretch and get changed into our gear.

IMG_1201 IMG_1192 IMG_1194IMG_1251

We got up to Whistler and we could not have asked for better weather, it was pretty perfect. We headed up to do the Peak to Peak and take advantage of the great weather.

IMG_1205 IMG_1199 IMG_1195IMG_5715IMG_1213IMG_5713IMG_1221There were a ton of laughs on the way up to the top of the mountain, we saw dog sledders racing past just below us. Randa and I were snapping tons of photos for instagram along the way [Check out Randa’s here].
IMG_5735 IMG_1229After finishing the Peak to Peak we were pretty hungry, so we headed down to The Four Seasons Whistler Hotel. We are escorted up to an incredible 4 bedroom private residence where hot chocolate with house made marshmallows were waiting for us.
IMG_1249 IMG_5765 IMG_5779 IMG_5780The Four Seasons Executive Chef Tory Martindale was in the Kitchen making us a stunning 4 coarse lunch.
IMG_5799 IMG_5800Lunch:
Heirloom tomato and basil soup with pesto crostini.
IMG_5818Citrus poached pemberton beets, arugula, goat cheese, raspberries, lemon vinaigrette.
IMG_5781 IMG_5794
Roasted beef tenderloin, scallion potato rosti, asparagus, herb jus.
IMG_5825Vanilla panna cotta, citrus and passion fruit salad, basil syrup, butter cookie.
IMG_5762IMG_1248IMG_5792The heirloom tomato soup had a velvety texture to it and the perfect balance of spice. The salad was really bright with the beets and lemon vinaigrette, the goat cheese added a welcomed smoothness that paired well with the sweetness of the raspberries. For the main course, the tenderloin was an absolutely perfect medium rare and had been rested long enough to lock in those juices. When it came to the scallion potato rosti, I was impressed by the crispness on the outside and the soft break through the middle. I could have had about 6 of the panna cotta’s, easily. The citrus and passionfruit salad was so vivid in flavour, and the the herbaceous layer from the basil syrup cut the citrus nicely. The Panna Cotta itself was perfectly set and adorned with edible gold and a sugar cookie.
IMG_5823Mind blown.

After we finished our memorable meal it was time to load up and head back to Vancouver. We stopped at the Tantulus Lookout to grab a couple more pictures and switch vehicles before driving the rest of the way back.
IMG_1254IMG_1255We got into the New Discovery Sport for the drive back to Vancouver. What I noticed about the Land Rover was that it was really roomy, even with all of our supplies in it. When we started going over the features like the Terrain Response, I learned it actually is able to sense what type of terrain you are on like grass, mud, sand or snow. One of the coolest features was the traffic sign recognition that actually reads speed signs you may have missed and alerts you.

It was such a fun day road-tripping and going on an adventure with old friends and new. Thank you Land Rover for helping me realize that why would I want to Hibernate, when I could #Hibernot instead.


Thank you Land Rover, The Mint Agency, Heth PR for an incredible trip and to Herschel, Fjallraven, Native Shoes and Dela Cruz PR for keeping us fashionable.

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