By Dominique Hanke

Grungy Gentleman is the brainchild of designer Jace Lipstein. In 2012 Grungy Gentleman started as a blog which eventually evolved into a full service media agency. After garnering much attention and exposure in the press, and across various facets of the fashion industry, it soon developed into a successful e-commerce site. This eventually led to the birth of the Grungy Gentleman Collection, which lead Lipstein to debut his first collection at New York Fashion Week this season. The collection, which was a collaboration between Lipstein and sports brand Mitchell & Ness blended street attitude with sportswear and classic tailoring.

“Who is the Grungy Gentleman? He is a collector, a gentleman, a rebel spirit and a man who stands apart. He is building a style collection with thoughtful details and masculine simplicity. He is bold, brilliant, has fierce taste, pours life into his passion and one who takes risks. This is the Grungy Gentleman.”

The colour palette was clean and traditional in navy, burgundy and grey. Tailored coats, pants and blazers were paired alongside hoodies, windbreakers and Timberland boots, creating an over all feel of sleek yet street. The beautiful weathered dye detailing on the pants added real dimension to the pieces. Among the highlights for me was a simple woolen grey blazer, paired with a casual burgundy hoodie and finished with a back turned baseball cap. This look really encapsulated the cool, confident Grungy Gentleman vibe of the collection.

We are seeing more of this chic and well tailored menswear on the runway, and Lipstein successfully striked when the iron was hot. The grey sweatpants with quilted insets on the inside of the leg had a comfortable yet sophisticated drape to them. What is most impressive about the collection is the depth of it’s offerings, there is literally something for everyone within the offerings all the while staying cohesive, which is impressive to see in a debut collection.

Once the formalities of the runway were over, the models got down and partied with the guests and even took part in an impromptu dance battle. It was a great first showing for the new comers and I look forward to watching the brand develop.

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