By: Amy Yew

This is how it’s done

Okay. So being Oscar de la Renta’s social media it girl is pretty cool especially in this dress. Erica was in attendance for her friend’s wedding this long weekend.  Ever been to a wedding and feel like most people are outshining you? Well, this would be it.

Image 2

All is right at Elle USA

I’ve always wondered what kind of talk/gossip goes on at the water cooler in large magazine publication houses such as Elle. This week the buzz is sure to be on the announcement of Kate Upton as their cover girl for September.  I don’t want to state the obvious but wasn’t Kate on the cover of Vogue in June? I think we might be all Kate-d out for now but alas the show must go on.

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Nicole Richie selfies

Sure we’ve all done it. Selfies in bathrooms are practically a sure thing when you’re at girls’ night out and Nicole Richie is bringing in chic.  Known as the estranged friend of ex BFF Paris Hilton, Nicole has ditched her persona as Hilton’s sidekick. She’s moved on to marry Joel Madden, become a mom and a style icon. The best part of Nicole is her humor and she has signed onto a new online series with AOL called #CandidlyNicole. Be ready for some huge laughs.

Image 4

Amanda Seyfried still get butterflies

It’s reassuring to know that even celebrities get butterflies before being on stage because it humanizes them somehow. Amanda Seyfried is so darn cute in this photo of her before she went on stage for the Jimmy Fallon show. You won’t find a whole lot of selfies on her instgram but you will see a whole lot of her dog and the countryside. It’s a breath of fresh air, no?

Image 5

Feeling Greene about Proenza Schouler

What’s better than one Proenza Schouler store in New York? Two Proenza Schouler stores! As Proenza Schouler expand their empire from the Madison location in New York to the trendy neighborhood of Soho, everyone seems to be excited for it especially Lucky Magazine. The new store will be location on Greene Street.

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