Dermalogica presents “Face Map The Nation” campaign to raise awareness to skin mapping and proper skin care.

By Dominique Hanke

As someone who is pretty clueless when it comes to skincare, I will admit I was really excited when I was invited to Dermalogica’s Vancouver training center. They invited me to try their Face Mapping service, as part of their Face Map the Nation.

When I arrived, I was greeted by my Skin Therapist and Dermalogica
Educator Cory. He took me through into my treatment room and had me fill out a brief questionnaire. He then got to removing my makeup and cleaning my skin, with a pre-cleanse oil and a foaming cleanser in preparation for the Face Mapping process.

Dermalogica’s recent campaign, ‘Face Map Our Nation’, has been working in full force to raise awareness about Face Mapping and offering this service for free across the county at authorized Dermalogica skin center locations. The idea behind “Face Map Our Nation” is about starting a conversation about the skin, lead by the client finding their biggest concern and figuring out a solution with a trained skin therapist.

As Cory points out, “Most people get their advice from their moms, from their friends, from the internet, but they forget that the one place they do go is that manicure pedicure shop, but they maybe don’t realize they do skin treatments there as well. So, with ‘Face Map Our Nation’, what we really want to do is face map everybody and let everyone know that those skin therapists are there, and there to help”

unnamedThe mapping process breaks the face down into 14 zones, allowing both client and skin therapist to really focus on areas of concern. From this, the therapist is able to create a customized skin care prescription. For me, the news was pretty good; a little dehydration on my forehead and cheek bones and some minor congestion on my nose, but all treatable with my personalized regime. After my mapping, I was treated to a fantastic moisturizing treatment that I can thoroughly recommend. My skin is definitely feeling refreshed and far more hydrated than it was before.

One thing that struck me about Dermalogica’s product was the absolute focus on function over form. No time is wasted on heavy perfumes or over-done packaging, it’s entirely about an effective product. Dermalogica is clearly proud to be a brand created by a skin care therapist, for skin care therapists with a product focused on results and innovation.

Many thanks to Dermalogica for inviting me to their facility and my wonderful skin care therapist, Cory. I totally recommend taking advantage of the skin mapping service while it is available free of charge, as it is a great opportunity to learn a little more about your
skin and get an introduction to this awesome line.

For more information about Face Map The Nation and information on how you can get your complimentary face mapping click here.

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