By Joshua Langston Photos by Viranlly Liemena

Lauren + Lyndsey of Hey Jude are no strangers to Eco Fashion Week, they had an impressive showing last season at #EFW07. These girls curate some of the best vintage that Vancouver has to offer for their boutique Hey Jude. So when these two Vancouver tastemakers were selected to take part in the Thrift Chic Challenge, I thought it would be another day at the office for them, however the result was anything but. There was an homage to the sports-luxe vibe we have been seeing on the runways lately, and they even found a way to make a baby blue puffa jacket look cool in todays world. (Note: I was all about the puffa coats back in the nineties, and now I’m wishing I held onto the colour-blocked one I owned). The palette was more muted then I was used to seeing from the girls, with very few prints in the collection. The exception was an amazing jumpsuit with floral details and a slit open back. They also used curtain chains to create facial jewellery consisting of nose rings connected to the ear, which really pulled the whole vibe together. Also to note the rings seen on most of the models were actually shower curtain rings, which added to the exaggerated qualities of the collection. While the birkenstock inspired sandals may have confused most people, I totally got it, having seen them on several of the runways when I was at NYFW in February. I can understand how this collection could be considered polarizing to some, but regardless of if you loved it or hated it, you talked about it and won’t forget it. The point of the Thrift Chic is to create a look, it’s not about selling the pieces but selling the concept and in that capacity they KILLED IT. 


JL: What was the process like creating the collection. Did you start with creating a theme first, music first or did you shop until you found the inspiration?
Lyndsey: We started out by envisioning our runway show filled with some pastels and pattern mixing. We wanted to push the boundaries and style something that our Hey Jude brand might not normally do since the collection wasn’t about selling each individual piece, it was about the styling of the runway show.
Lauren: We weren’t confined to our original idea, we just wanted to work from there and see what we found in the first few stores. As we shopped, we realized that we stuck with the pastel theme, but were finding some amazing metallics and less patterns like we’d planned. When we brought it all back to the studio we found what we’d picked to be cohesive and the theme kind of guided itself.
JL: If you could sum up your collection in one sentence what would it be?
Lyndsey/Lauren: Spring pastels pull an all nighter.


JL: What was the most difficult part about the challenge and how did you overcome it?
Lyndsey: The final touches we found challenging because we were nearing the end of our budget and for us, the accessories and styling points were so important in completing the look of the runway show. We had to re-imagine how to use pieces we thought might not go in the show and also got pretty creative when it came to jewelry… we ended up using shower curtain loops as rings on the models and normal curtain chain as their earrings/nose rings!
Lauren: Before the final touches though we had to deal with a forgotten bag in Langley! We didn’t realize until we got back to our studio in Vancouver the following week that we were missing an entire bag of finds… basically all the pieces we’d found that completed over half our looks. Luckily they were super helpful at the store and we were able to find over half of it. Lesson learned!


What was the best item you found and which location did you find it at?
Lyndsey: The white ostrich feather coat that was the final look. I died when we found it. We found it in Washington, I think in Kent. It’s all kind of a blur.. we went to over 17 locations.
Lauren: We loved all the jewelry we were finding. A lot of chokers and circle inspiration and it was all very cohesive once we put it together. It wasn’t planned but by the end our whole show had a spacey vibe to it that was accentuated with the jewelry.
Did you have much experience shopping at Value Village before the challenge, and did the process of the challenge change the way you shop there now?
Lauren: We’ve had experience shopping at Value Village and have been since we were teenagers. We hadn’t created head to toe looks so it was definitely a bit daunting at first because we really wanted our vision to translate. We found that looking for “white shorts” or a “blue top” was a completely different process and was actually a lot more creative in the end.


JL: What advice would you give to someone who has never shopped at Value Village before?
 Lyndsey: Have patience and go in with an open mind.
Lauren: Touch the fabrics and try stuff on to see how it fits. A piece may not have hanger appeal but might look amazing on.

JL: What was it like on the day of the show in the final hours of preparing?

Lyndsey: No matter how prepared we are beforehand we are always finding things to do all the way up until the show. We had to do some last minute outfit and shoe changes the day of. As well as tech run-throughs, model bootcamp, meetings with hair and make-up and steaming and prepping the clothing.

Lauren: We are really detail oriented so we are always perfecting and putting in final touches to the last minute.


What was the inspiration behind your hair and beauty looks, and what was it like working with the team at La Biosthetique?
Lauren: Since our colour palette was so “pretty” we wanted to rough it up with a grimy/street-style vibe for the hair and make-up. We wanted to create a different interpretation for the Spring trend than from what we’d seen.
Lyndsey: This was our third time working with the team from La Biosthetique and they are always really great about taking our ideas and translating them to the runway for us. They were backstage spraying the models hair with water right before they’d hit the runway… we loved how it turned out.


What was the soundtrack/songs you used in your runway presentation?
Lyndsey: Our friend, DJ Icy Touch, created the mix for us. We had some Azaelia Banks, a Diplo mix of Grizzly Bear and you didn’t get to hear it because it was too far into the music but we definitely had a snippit of the Thong Song.
Lauren: I wish that part had played! Just for reaction’s sake. You can download the mix off of our Soundcloud (heyjudeshop). We still have it playing in our studio!


JL: What was the first thing you did once the show was over?
Lauren: Grabbed a glass of wine!
Lyndsey: Actually we grabbed the wine right before the show…
Lauren: It as necessary.


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