By Joshua Langston

Day Two of Eco Fashion Week.  Like any other morning I headed downstairs, took out the recycling and headed to Starbucks with a cup brought from home for my morning coffee.  It wasn’t even 7am and I was already making some ‘green’ differences in my life.

I spent the day at work telling people about Day 1 of EFW. I felt like a street preacher, excitedly talking about the Thrift Chic and 68-lbs Challenges. After work I had a challenge of my own ahead of me: what to wear. With a twirl through my newly merchandised walk-in closet, I came across my favourite Cotte D’Armes pants and worked around that.  I needed a great accessories moment and luckily JennyFleur Loves is across the street.

There were nine shows on the schedule, thoughtfully broken up into three sets with short intermissions in-between. The schedule line-up had some familiar faces including TSL favourite, Evan Ducharme.  I was especially excited for =War Paint= by Stevie Crowne, the new kid on the block.

War Paint hit the runway and all my preconceived notions were not only met, but exceeded. This young designer got his start designing in high school by making his own clothes.  His vision is a journey through the relationship of two rockstar lovers: they get together, have fun, break up, make up and eventually become the same person.  It was during Stevie’s collection when Anna and I first took notice of Tre, who would later become our favourite model of the week. This stunning African American model had a banging body and her look was equal parts glamour and androgynous.

Eco Fashion Week Day 2 1Eco Fashion Week Day  2 2

Evan Ducharme stayed true to his design aesthetic by using his strengths in draping and tailoring to create a wearable and well-made collection.  I have always appreciated Evan’s restraint as a young designer. Young designers tend to throw every bell and whistle in their pocket and rely on smoke and mirrors.  This is never the case with Evan. His blush draped gown with elbow length sleeves had a great versatility and with the proper styling could easily be dressed up or down.

In the last set of shows, Elroy stood out strong. The collection was heavily focused around knitwear made from 100% organically sourced cotton. Her company practices and promotes ethical production. She spends a lot of time in Inodnesia, where the line is produced, working closely with a curated group of local artisans who’s passion to create meets with her passion to design. The graphic quality of this collection was superb; very on trend for the season ahead. I appreciated the trompe l’oeil effect on the ladies black and white mock neck sweater. There was also a bateau neck sweater in a muted coral that had a stunning drop V-neck back which hung on the body beautifully.

After a long but enjoyable evening of shows the TSL crew had to get to bed because we were covering the Army and Navy Shoe sale early the next morning. As Anna said “Apparently the best alarm clock in the world is a pair of shoes with a sale tag”. #actually  -xx Joshua

Eco Fashion Week Day 1 2 4 Eco Fashion Week Day 1 2 3