Not going to lie, our heads are still a little stuck in the clouds above Europe…so this week we talk to our overseas friend DJ DICKEY DOO!! Anna T Fabulous has been lucky enough to know Dickey from her days as a tiny T Fab in the Vancouver club scene in the mid-2000s.  Every. Single. Weekend was spent on the dance floor at Celebrities Nightclub with Dickey Doo playing the tunes allll night long.  There were some legendary nights and some legendary songs, but nothing as legendary as when Dickey Doo ruled the Vancouver scene.  The lovely Dickey has been living in Berlin for the last few years and we have been fortunate to keep in touch.  He’s still working her thang on the decks of Europe.  He took a moment out of his whirlwind schedule to discuss his favourite People, Places and Things with us.  We love you Dickey!


“My favorite person was my Grandma. I spent a lot of time with her when I was very young and she really let me to be myself without ever allowing me to realize that I was maybe not the same as a lot of other boys my age. It wasn’t until I started getting older that I realized not all boys wanted to sew gowns for their Barbies or stay up with Grandma all night to watch the Royal Wedding.  It was her nurturing that gave me the confidence to always be exactly who I was without giving a rats ass what anyone else thought or ever feeling a need to conform to so called “societal norms”


“My favorite place is at home in my gorgeous apartment in Berlin. In it you’ll find high ceilings, wood plank floors, my recording studio , my kitty “Coco” and all my freaky belongings!! As well as a VERY well stocked kitchen!”  Ohhhh, DICKEY.  Can we come??


“My favorite thing is my extensive record collection, 20+ years of collecting!  The collection is made up of mostly house music, then italo/disco/hi nrg and the rest 70’s punk.  At one point I had over 10,000 records, but when I moved back to Europe, I had to scale it down by about half….I miss that other half…”

THANK YOU DICKEY for chatting with The Social Life this week!  Be careful though…you might find us knocking on your Berlin door….and soon!


Photo credits:, Dickey’s Facebook